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    Serious The Sorting Dex

    kanga family stunt or di
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    hey man just wanted to say you're my biggest idol, someday i wish to be a dod instead of a dude...

    hey man just wanted to say you're my biggest idol, someday i wish to be a dod instead of a dude and become a plural men. :]
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    Smogon Premier League 9 - Semi-Finals

    won gg god bless our lord and savior special thanks to Teddeh cb jose altuve for the help and encouragement. this aint a goodbye message though lets fucking get it ruiners
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    Tournament Ubers Premier League VI - Player Signups

    Name: lax Metagames Played: ADV Ubers Inactivity: none i'm the bes latios wielder
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    USUM LC Torchic Suspect Voting

    Torchic: ban
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    OU Room Premier League - Week 2 won thanks to the queen gg
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    SM NU You Can Be King

    Introduction This idea actually came up when I was thinking of stuff to build for SPL. A certain user (forgot who) showed a strong weakness to Ice Types so I considered an extreme ice spam type of build, and here we are. Since the mon I was building around originally was Ice Cream, I used that...
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    Tournament RU Generations Team Tournament, Edition 1 - Won by doggy poo and the vros

    doggy poo and the vros won this very prestigious tournament thanks to spamming broken kush teams shoutouts shake it up, shouts the chef, shouts tko's 0-6 snake record, shoutouts my family, and shoutouts my dog
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    Multi-gen RoAPL IV —︎ Player Signups

    Name: lax Tiers: GSC DPP ORAS Bio: i wanna play gsc for fun, i should do ok cuz lavos is my dad. if not, i'll play other tiers ig Pledge: yuh
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    Weekend sometime

    Weekend sometime
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    Tournament Rarelyused Premier League V Player Sign-ups (see post 171)

    Name: lax Metagames Played: USUM Foreseeable Inactivity: smo
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    NU The USM NU Ladder Tournament (Week 2 - TAG IS NULT2)

    nult2 laximus nult2 laximus rex
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    LC Torchic Suspect - Alt Identification Thread

    can we go back to old suspect ladder