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    Pet Mod Pokétypos (Slate 2: Single Stage Pokemon)

    :farfetchd: :heracross: :absol: Sapras, Selazer, Maulos (SV), Marodactyl, Heradoze :rotom: :druddigon: :klefki: Pyrogonal, Razom (SV), Garlink, Haglucha :comfey: :arctozolt: :cyclizar: Urthwyrm, Orangono, Oaricorio, Oillizar (SV)
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    Pet Mod Bust a Move (Playable on Dragon Heaven!) [See you in SV!]

    :sv/ludicolo: GROOVE IT OUT! Okay seriously though, even though I didn't sub much this mod was really cool, I enjoyed it! Hopefully this gets a reboot for Gen 9
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    [Gen 9] Modern Gen 1

    Use whatever you wish, I'm not your dad.
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    Overview Behold, the single most dominant Pokemon in any OU tier in history. Snorlax combines power and resilience with deadly unpredictability, a set of traits that lands it a spot on virtually all serious teams. Its presence defines the GSC metagame, all but forcing teams to play one or more...
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    Pet Mod Super Smash Stereotypes - Slate 48: Psychic/Flying, Dragon/Fighting, Dark/Rock

    :sv/hakamo-o: Pokemon: Hakamo-o Mod of Origin: Dex Reversal Stats: 70/110/80/55/80/105 (BST: 500) Type: Abilities: Bulletproof / Soundproof / Overcoat Movepool: Vanilla Hakamo-o Movepool Description: Funny Dragon Dance abuser with awesome coverage moves.
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    [Gen 9] Crossover Chaos

    Reasoning: - Stats are all less than 100 to mention they are mainly threatening in numbers (also hence No Retreat, Population Bomb, etc.) - The Lightning Strike Signature Item references Piglins being able to be struck by lightning to turn into the Zombified Piglin - Gold Trade and Bartering...
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    Pet Mod Pokétypos (Slate 2: Single Stage Pokemon)

    :bw/tauros: Original Pokemon: Tauros New Pokemon: Maulos Type: Ghost Abilities: Strong Jaw / Berserk Stats: 95 / 100 / 105 / 30 / 65 / 85 Weight: same as regular tauros Movepool Changes: + Crunch, Psychic Fangs, Fire Fang, Bite, Thunder Fang, Shadow Claw, Poltergeist, Grudge, Astonish - normal...
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    epic BB code failure

    epic BB code failure
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    Pet Mod Book of Enigmas - Slate 1: The Beginning (now with Paradox Pokemon!)

    :sv/raticate: Name: Gluttonous Rabid Original Pokemon: Raticate Type: Ability: Corrupting Storm Stats: 152 / 122 / 50 / 96 / 60 / 90 Paradox: Sea (corruption) New Moves: + Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Outrage Removed Moves: - Swords Dance, Curse Description: Okay seriously though, this mon is...
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    Pet Mod [Gen 1] Burgundy Version - Slate 1: Pokemon Buffs

    All except: Body Slam can paralyze Normal types Stadium Crit Mechanics Next-Gen Counter GSC Freeze Mechanics
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    Metagame Full Potential [Leader's Choice]

    Allow me to showcase a mon that has been underlooked: :sv/tinkaton: Tinkaton (F) @ Assault Vest Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpD / 252 Spe Careful Nature - Gigaton Hammer - Knock Off - Play Rough - Fake Out You could definitely come up with better sets with this fairy...
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    what the fuck is alphabet lore

    i mean, you are right, this thing is actually milked to death
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    What Pokémon Trainer Class are You?

    imagine not being unique
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    Pet Mod Pokétypos (Slate 2: Single Stage Pokemon)

    That bulk is still absolutely absurd for a mon like that, I'm not a council member or anything but you really need to tone down the bulk A LOT.
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    Pet Mod Book of Enigmas - Slate 1: The Beginning (now with Paradox Pokemon!)

    Ability Pair: anaconja, jazzmat, Yoshiblaze, sharpen42, Gekokeso Prefix: None