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    Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    Ah, so that's how you're able to evolve Alolan Vulpix. I like the news. The starter middle stages look really weird to me, though. Litten probably looks the best out of them. Good thing we already know how the final evolutions look like.. Hyped for the demo. =)
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    Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    So I'm not sure if it's just lazily/badly translated, but the german site mentions Accelerock like this: "This move has especially high priority." (like, if it was just a normal priority move , the word "Erstschlaggarantie" (basically means "guarantee to strike first") would be enough, but they...
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    Sticky Sun/Moon Sprite Project

    I'm sorry if my post made you feel that way, that definitely wasn't my intention and I can assure you that gender had nothing to do with it. I just wanted to bring to attention that shrinking it down doesn't really show how it really is in terms of tallness (and had too much time to write all...
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    Sticky Sun/Moon Sprite Project

    Okay, now this has to be said because otherwise you'd just notice it later and will probably change this anyway: I don't really get why you'd tell leparagon (great sprites btw!) to shrink his Bewear sprite. The previous one was about the right size. I know, I know - not true to real scale...
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    Gen VII: Pokémon Sun and Moon (New info Post #5834)

    I'm also someone who spent 100s of hours to get good IV Pokemon... and I'm really happy about Hyper Training being able to change / increase IVs. Breeding or softrestting is probably the most boring and time consuming time-waste I had in my life (and I'm 28; been SRing since RBY and throughout...
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    Pokémon Tyrantrum

    I've been using Tyrantrum on every team I made for gen6, and tried out a few sets.. But I think this was the most useful: @ Leftovers / Expert Belt / maybe something else (Lum Berry? Wide Lens? Balloon?) Jolly 252 speed, 252 attack, 4 def (or 128 atk/128 def (didn't calc anything, just wanted...
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    Sticky X/Y Sprite Project

    That looks really good, but there were some things bugging me, which I edited: old: new: It was mostly the face which kinda looked like a mouse-face (the ears also were too round), but I did work on many parts of the sprite just a very little everywhere and fixed some things.
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    Pokémon Kangaskhan

    I think Whimsicott could be good against MKhan too. It would need physical bulk EVs and then it can do whatever it wants. You can just switch it in to Kanga too. - PuP? Shouldn't do much. Encore then paralyze it with Stun Spore or raise your defense +3 with Cutton Guard and then paralyze... ...
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    Pokémon Avalugg

    I've used Toxic on it but I wouldn't use protect... you definitely need Roar or else he'll always be setup bait. The problem is that Avalanche doesn't double in power if they don't attack you so it'll be really weak. So unless you run attacking EVs/a +atk nature (which you probably wouldn't on...
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    Ability Sand Veil + Snow Cloak - Balanced now?

    Bright Powder isn't banned. I can't tell you how annoying it is to miss 100% accurate moves while your opponent Shell Smashes freely with his Cloyster and then sweeps your whole team, just because of something luck based like this, while it should be save to assume that 100% acc. moves would hit...
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    Pokémon Aurorus

    It can't. Also I read Exploud can learn Boomburst via Heart Scale, so it wouldn't take that long...
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    Ability Sand Veil + Snow Cloak - Balanced now?

    Even though they'll only last a limited amount of time it could still result in something like this: Opponent is starting to set up a sub, then boosts its attack/anything else. You miss with your attack because of the abilities. And then you get swept, unless you have a fully in tact phazer...
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    Sticky X/Y Sprite Project

    Alright since I already looked at M-Gyara closely and edited one already I thought of doing something like that here as well... Here's what I came up with: (Edit: btw, I like these colors much more... but oh well...) The head looks really different with the bright outline, and I think it...
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    Pokémon Malamar

    They probably just wanted to make Gengar more unique with it. Contrary Serperior was also seen in the battle subway afaik. And now it's also there in the battle maison. Hopefully they'll release these things sometime... As for Malamar... After getting swept by him a few times (because of me...
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    Pokémon Zygarde

    Tried Zygarde too now and it is really good. Sweeps through teams if you give it a few turns of setup. DD+Extremespeed is really really great and underrated. I've used that move-combo in gen 5 with Dragonite before and it worked really well. One thing it has over Dragonite is that it doesn't...