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    name jeff

    name jeff
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    Copyediting Solgaleo (0/2)

    we talked a lot on discord, I’d like a more specific mention of what niche Nec has, cuz the current OP makes it sound like it has none; its a bit short. Just add a sentence like “Solgaleo has a niche on defensive teams for it’s ability to Teleport out of Magnezone, and it partners well with...
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    Ubers Ubers Winter Seasonal VII - Signups

    fuck it put me in coach
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    the based nikocado avocado enjoyer

    the based nikocado avocado enjoyer
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    Quality Control Lunala (QC 1/2)

    [Overview] Lunala is often seen as SS Uber’s superior version of Lugia, being a key defensive Pokemon reliant on its ability. It is often paired with the classic core of Yveltal, Eternatus, and Necrozma-DM to form a defensive backbone that is very difficult to break. Its Ghost/Psychic typing may...
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    Resource SS Ubers Reservation Index (Crown Tundra)

    im gonna take over Lunala its been sitting there for months lol
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    in this instance the meaning is: you will want checks to physical tanks these physical tanks...

    in this instance the meaning is: you will want checks to physical tanks these physical tanks are groudon, zyg, zekrom I did not give examples of what such checks are I understand the wording is confusing so feel free to rephrase that however you see fit
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    which analysis lol

    which analysis lol
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    Tournament Ubers Winter [Team] Tour I - Players Signups

    Name: Manaphy Metagames Played: Bo3 SS, SS, DPP, ADV Timezone: GMT +9 Inactivity: im not tryharding knowwhatimsayin’ pls only buy me if you can support me obtaining qt3.14 japanese waifu
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    Copyediting Marshadow (GP 0/2)

    how about I marsh your shadow eh? thanx GP ready :] EDIT: I CANT SPELL POLTERGEIST FUCK
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World

    please gp check Ubers Marshadow its short and Im a friend of lasen :]]]]
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    Ubers Magearna

    looks good chief. ure also lookin very kissable >.< QC 2/2
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    Ubers Yveltal

    Fc done give me badge please? >.<
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    Ubers NDW

    this mon sucks ass QC 1/2
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    Ubers Dugtrio

    Thank you! Fc upload pls Lasen I DID IT DAD