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    OU RBY OU Viability Rankings

    Well, Raticate over Persian is ok. Against Snorlax (Reflect, Rest obviously) Raticate can go Super Fang (accuracy permitting) x2 into CH Body Slam; Persian has a 6.5% chance to 3HKO with Slash, fishing for a CH Hyper Beam can go wrong and it needs to to use Screech otherwise. Also, Slash x2 into...
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    OU RBY OU Viability Rankings

    I might be wrong, I never use them and I don't see them often so I work with memory. I remember During Summer being quite successful with Raticate while on the other hand I don't remember anyone being that successful with Kangaskhan (which I used quite a bit myself in casual games). Maybe...
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    OU RBY OU Viability Rankings

    It depends who you are playing against: is Sing Chansey that common right now? Sing Chansey takes Psychic a little better than Starmie but Zam can knock it down with some luck anyway: you miss Sing and special drops kick in. Dealing with Alakazam lead is risky and always will be. If anything has...
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    OU RBY OU Viability Rankings

    Starmie has always been good, this isn't something new. However, saying that Alakazam doesn't abuse it one on one is a bit too much (unless Starmie has Surf or Hydro Pump) and saying that Exeggutor is clearly worse is a gamble. Sleep Powder alone is just too important because you are forced into...
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    SPL XII - Commencement Thread

    For what it's worth, I am more than glad to be a retired player: the reasons (which you already knew at the time you picked him, in my wild guess) why you revoked CALLOUS's slot are pathetic and weak, even more you used the same line with me and many other RBY enthusiasts by asking us first and...
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    Thanks, my birthdate is intentionally set wrong but I appreciate!

    Thanks, my birthdate is intentionally set wrong but I appreciate!
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Finals [Won by Team Italy]

    Honestly, I was the first italian guy to think we could've made it: unfortunately we didn't at the time and the exclusion of the old gen block from this specific cup made me lose all of the interest left. This is the cup I always wanted as a player and you allowed my former teammates and myself...
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    OU RBY OU Viability Ranking (2016 to 2020)

    First of all I feel like we need a different approach to tiering RBY pokemon, which should be based on the purpose of tiering: I like contributing to the process, but the ultimate goal is beyond me. Making a pokemon OU or not looks nothing more than an honorary title. PersonalIy I like RBY Ubers...
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    OU RBY OU Viability Ranking (2016 to 2020)

    Golem was better than Rhydon as long as PhysLax was the moveset of choice for Snorlax: you may talk about all of the differences you want, but it all comes down to this very simple rule of thumb and in the current state Golem is almost outclassed. That's also why we didn't realize immediately...
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    OU RBY OU Viability Ranking (2016 to 2020)

    I'll share some controversial thoughts. I recently topped the ladder, but playing in the tournament scene is a different story and I've been off of it for a while now. 1) Snorlax 2) Tauros ---- 3) Chansey ---- 4) Exeggutor 5) Starmie ---- 6) Zapdos 7) Alakazam 8) Rhydon 9) Cloyster ---- 10)...
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    OU SPL XI - RBY Discussion Thread

    Tricky data: Cloyster has the only glaring win rate (but a low usage) and Rhydon is the only pokemon with a bad one, everything else is without infamy and without praise. Also, it would be cool to investigate on how forfeits influence win rates - that's got to be the reason behind Tauros' win...
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    Lower Tiers RBY OU/UU Cutoff Discussion Thread (2019)

    Rhydon's CH Earthquake KOs Snorlax on a Rest cycle, through Reflect. No matter how different Golem is from Rhydon, RBY OU is all about Reflect Snorlax and Reflect Chansey - two matchups Golem can't claim over Rhydon. None of Articuno, Moltres, Golem, Persian or Dragonite feel OU. The tier is...
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    Announcement The RBY Survey Results

    Love this part, I feel like it's the most important one actually. Do it well, do it just one time. I'll remark that I stated that I'd like to test bigger issues first (Reflect, Rest) - specifically, I think that people are going mad against Wrap right now and they're only seeing the tip of the...
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    OU The future of RBY OU in Smogon

    The metagame does not revolve around a team from 10 years ago, and it's not winning consistently. It gets wrecked as soon as something goes wrong, just like Jynx bricking or Chansey getting frozen or Bel missing and so on, to make it even worse it's kinda weak against Tauros. Starmie as non...
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    OU The future of RBY OU in Smogon

    The problem with the current meta is that there is no reason not to run reflect teams because Snorlax and Chansey are not the pokemon that will stop wrappers anyway. You beat them using fast pokemon (your lead and your filler if it's fast enough, I could understand making a case for adding...