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    PSPL V Playoffs: Semifinals

    Subbing in Sombolo for Freestylerking Jarii Eyan rozes Disjunction
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    PSPL V Group Stages: Week 3

    ajhockeystar, rssp1, you might want to sub in for negusplease because he doesn't answer and was last seen ~ 6 days ago on PS and ~ 8 days ago on Smogon
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    Super Staff Bros Melee: Set submissions

    Okay, so here is my new mon: Name: Marshmallon Species: Marshtomp Ability: fur coat Innate Ability: "Stalker" - shadow tag + reveals opponent's team Item: Eviolite Moveset: earthquake, softboiled, spikeyshield Signature Move: "Excuse" - taunts + confuses target, Priority +2, Darktype, 16 pp...
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    Other Metagames Likefarm

    Never played AAA, but this sounds interesting. Maybe I should try it D: Btw, good job imas!