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    SPOILERS! [NEW DATAMINE] List of Movepool Changes

    Updated the OP and thread with links. Also per serebii: "It has also been discovered that Pokémon HOME contains temporary TM and TR data for Pokémon not in Sword & Shield. As such, we've made a preliminary Missing Pokémon TM & TR Listings page. All listings are subject to change until a Pokémon...
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    SPOILERS! [NEW DATAMINE] List of Movepool Changes

    hello hello hello i may or may not have forgotten that I had this thread and haven't looked at it in months but yes, thank you to SciresM as always for the datamine and thanks for posting it in this thread. this datamine is exactly what this thread was made for, so if anyone finds any change in...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v3

    Melmetal has so much offensive and defensive value that I'll be interested to see how people work to support it. It has no recovery (aside from potentially Leftovers but that barely counts, or if you're running Resto-Chesto for some reason), but due to the fact that it beats so much of the...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v3

    Back when Melmetal was first released, I did offensive and defensive calcs of it versus every S and A ranked OU Pokemon. Keep in mind that the following was written a while ago. At the time, we were in the USUM meta, so some of this information won't be relevant anymore because we no longer have...
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    Post-Launch Old Pokemon Patches and The Problems They Currently/Could Later Present For Smogon Tiers

    Yeah, I think the route to go with is just to accept the changing metagame, so to me the question is how to tier all of the new Pokemon rather than asking what metagame we should be playing. I know there's a lot of time left to make these decisions, but I wanted to touch on a weird quirk that I...
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    Pokémon Flapple

    It was recently confirmed in this post that Gravity boosts the power of Grav Apple by 50%. Makes sense to me. Gravity also (like it always has), makes all moves 5/3 as accurate as they would normally be - equivalent to lowering Evasiveness by 2 stages. This is very helpful for Flapple not only...
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    Mechanics Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    Sorry to bring this up yet again, but the above post from P Mystery still applies. I apologize that I'm unable to contribute to this research myself, but if the rain and sun boosts (optional testing: rock moves in sandstorm and ice moves in hail) could be confirmed, that would be very...
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    Pokémon Gyarados

    Updated the OP. The reason I made this thread in the first place, despite Gyarados being the farthest thing from a new Pokemon as possible, is because Dynamax Gyarados was beyond ridiculous and an extremely common threat which more than deserved its own thread. Gyarados's base qualities still...
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    No problem! Happy to help and hopefully it does its intended purpose. Thanks for all of...

    No problem! Happy to help and hopefully it does its intended purpose. Thanks for all of your/everyone else's work too regarding the whole tier and suspect management.
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    Announcement np: SS OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Boom Boom Pow

    I want to talk about the communications side, which is actually important, so please bear with me. If (when) Dynamax is banned, this is probably going to be the biggest ban in Smogon history. Way more people use Smogon rules (or participate in non-Smogon officiated leagues/events that use...
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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for December 2019 (here comes UU!)

    One month of a new generation is not a great sample, statistically speaking, but Ditto having significantly higher usage than Magearna/Ash Gren/Heatran/etc. did is pretty indicative of the state of the metagame. Also, I think this is the first month in almost 3 years that Lando-T hasn't been #1...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion (Usage stats in post #944)

    This is a fair question given all the discussion and I know a lot of people who don't even have accounts lurk this thread, so for general knowledge purposes I'll answer it, and it also covers why we're not going to do things such as "just make it so max moves don't have secondary effects" or...
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    Aegislash [0/2]

    Arena Trap doesn't affect Ghost-types.
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    Pokémon Appletun

    That's too bad. Before writing the set, I even went into Kaphotic's item pastebin and checked that both the Jaboca and Rowap Berries were listed there, and they were so I figured that implied that they were possible to be in the game (as opposed to "this move cannot be used. it's recommended...