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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for Mid-November 2020

    Yeah, it's crazy, but this is just the natural cycle. Snorlax went from over 90% usage in OU to UU in 3 generations, just like how BW was 3 generations ago. And this is going to continue. Landorus-T, who was #1 in usage for dozens of straight months, very well may fall to UU sooner than you'd think.
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    Pokémon Regidrago

    On sets with bulk, it's better to invest in its defenses than HP because Regidrago's HP is so much higher. I doubt 128 Def / 128 SpDef is optimal (you want to tailor them to be able to live some hit that is to be determined), but for illustrative purposes: 252 SpA Life Orb Zapdos Hurricane vs...
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    Unsure of the source for this (it's pinned in the Smogon discord), but we have confirmation in-game that the power for Astral Barrage is correct, so this is probably correct. The last 4 columns are Category (1 = Physical, 2 = Special), Power, Accuracy, PP These are all solid moves, but 130...
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Updated and cleaned up the OP and thread title. Thanks as always to the dataminers and the people who compile this information into a clean format! And as usual, this is a good topic for Poketubers to make videos about. If you'd like to see a video discussion of this latest datamine, one can be...
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    A day late, but with the leak of the new Hidden Ability item, we have more additions to movepools of old Pokemon! Previously illegal combinations of moves and hidden abilities are now legal, expanding the options of Pokemon who really needed it, like Clefable. Shoutouts to the other Matt and...
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    Pokémon Galarian Slowbro

    Per the Battle Mechanics Thread, Quick Draw activated exactly 30.0% of the time in a sample size of 1120 attacks. Stacking this with Quick Claw's 20% chance of activation leads to a combined 44% chance that either one will activate, as 1 - (1-30%)*(1-20%) = 44%.
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    Mechanics Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    Also in that video, Corrosive Gas reveals the item that it burned away. Even though the opponent won't have the item anymore, that still gives an indication of what kind of moveset the opponent is running.
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    For everyone asking what the movepool changes are, we have a thread for that here: And this has already been posted in this thread, but for people asking what the new moves are, here they...
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    I went through the datamine thread because people have been working on them there. Here are some: Flip turn: Scorching sands...
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Actually, the datamine makes it quite easy to see the move distributions of all of the new moves. Again, the datamine is here. Simply use CTRL + F and type in the names of all of the new moves to see who learns them! Here are the new moves: I'm guessing somebody is probably going through this...
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    And we're back! With the Isle of Armor just dropping, we have tons of new information, mainly all of the new moves! Shoutouts to Michael as always for the data dumps! The massive datamine list can be found here: As usual, this is a community effort. Please go through this list and post here...
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    Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Crown Tundra 22nd October

    Here is the official page, which this image is from. Assuming the Zarude in this image has 0 HP EVs, then based on the level and HP, that means Zarude has between base 103 and base 119 HP. This is honestly a little higher than I thought it would be even though it's a mythical - my impression...
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Updated the OP and thread with links. Also per serebii: "It has also been discovered that Pokémon HOME contains temporary TM and TR data for Pokémon not in Sword & Shield. As such, we've made a preliminary Missing Pokémon TM & TR Listings page. All listings are subject to change until a Pokémon...
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    hello hello hello i may or may not have forgotten that I had this thread and haven't looked at it in months but yes, thank you to SciresM as always for the datamine and thanks for posting it in this thread. this datamine is exactly what this thread was made for, so if anyone finds any change in...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion v3 (Usage in post #251)

    Melmetal has so much offensive and defensive value that I'll be interested to see how people work to support it. It has no recovery (aside from potentially Leftovers but that barely counts, or if you're running Resto-Chesto for some reason), but due to the fact that it beats so much of the...