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  1. SPOILERS! Max Raid Discussion Thread

    So basically just ignore them, then. Thanks.
  2. SPOILERS! Max Raid Discussion Thread

    About an hour ago, I saw a Max Raid invite featuring Necrozma at the Lake of Outrage, but was unable to participate when I tried to investigate. Was that a glitch or is there a new event going on now? It just seemed really weird to me.
  3. XY Pokémon Models

    Well, it is attracted. And most Delphox are male. ;)
  4. VGC Apprentice Program - Round One

    Username: Megamence123 Age: 16 Pokemon Online username: Megamence123 Your timezone and usual hours of availability: PST; 9-12 AM most mornings Division: Masters Tell us a little about yourself: I am going to be a high school junior so I won't have a lot of time, with school starting...
  5. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - VGC edition

    Thank you everyone for your help then. Any idea where I can find these analyses? And is Protect required on Tyranitar, and if so, what should it replace? Thanks for helping a noob at this.
  6. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - VGC edition

    What are common movesets for the weather starters this year?
  7. General Weather

    I had the most success with a Drought team. It had Ninetales, Heatran, Lilligant, Dragonite, Nidoking, and Starmie. My combos were rather unexpected, and I only lost to a few Drizzle teams.
  8. Disconnecting in Global Link matches

    Some of this stuff is comedy gold. Anyways, I once battled a girl who used Hippowdon, BEAST, and Swagnemite. I easily got rid of her hippo, then sent in Reuniclus. She D/C after 7 turns.
  9. Dragonite says Hi! [New update: check last post!]

    Hi to Dragonite! Anyways, if you need an EV trainer or an IV checker, please pm me. I can EV any spread necessary. Thanks, and please respond!
  10. Team Rocket Steals a Legendary Pokemon! [Themed Warstory]

    ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT! All jokes aside, very funny. Bad plays and no rules, but who cares? It's Team Rocket! Write another one soon! 8.5/10 (only because of Wobbuffet AND Lickitung) Keep up the good work!
  11. Triples Warstory: Moldy Oldies

    Well, I never thought I'd see a non-Power Trick Shuckle KO a Bronzong. Then again, I've never read a Triples warstory before. Good job! I've got to try Triples now. Keep writing! 10/10
  12. To Ragequit or Not to Ragequit? That is the Question.

    Wow. Hilarious! Good to know about all your protips... Keep up the good work! 9/10
  13. Rain Rain Don't Go Away

    Well, this is a pretty good team. I do see the lack of speed as an issue, and your Thundurus weakness. Why not use ScarfTom, and give Gliscor a moveset like Acrobatics, Fling, Swords Dance/Protect, and Earthquake? GL!
  14. Gojira (Peaked #109)

    Very whimsical, and kudos on the name.:) I would recommend that you leave Scizor and Terrakion the way they are, just in case. Someone might use a Pokémon that will make you wish you had Choice Band Scizor. Other than that, this team is very solid. GL!
  15. A Day at the Beach (Sun vs Sand UU Warstory)

    This was a perfect warstory! My few problems were your initial lack of foresight and the Sleep Powder hax, but other than that it was awesome. Keep up the good work and keep learning from your mistakes. Write another one soon! 10/10