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    Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Why is Conk considered mediocre in the tier right now? Salamence I can easily see why (it starts with a D and ends with an e), but Conk is another question.
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    Metagame NP: ZU Stage 5.2 - New Drops at #35 - Return of the Ice

    Oh man how long has it been since the last post here? Anyways, I thought I might as give my thoughts on the recent meta changes and the impact they might have. Departures: :Lycanroc: Was definitely one of the best offensive mons in the tier during its final month with us. Good coverage and...
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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2021 (February @ #58) (March @ #102)

    I'm gonna be really fascinated if the trends for Entei and Glastrier continue, making them drop to NU next month. I don't see Glastrier being very good, maybe good on TR which is a very niche playstyle as is and requires a ton of support. Entei though, I'm really curious on. Its another dummy...
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    Pokemon that disappointed you in-game despite looking good initially?

    You can get the Dawn Stone in ORAS before the post-game but it requires a shit ton of Super Training grinding. I should know as that's what I did to get a Gallade in one playthrough I did of that game. For DPP remakes if they do decide to go for the Platinum dex (it'd be fucking moronic if they...
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    Resource SS ZU Viability Rankings v2 - Update @51

    Considering that I actually used Lilligant in this meta, I can theorize why its considered unviable: 1. Has really bad match-ups with a lot of the top tiers. The Fire-types, Dragonvally, Drampa, Garbodor, Sneasel, Ferroseed especially. 2. Butterfree is a better Quiver Dancer. Both of them are...
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    Resource SS ZU Good Cores

    Offensive Core: Reserving Sneasel and Gallade An ORAS NU classic. It should be pretty obvious why these two work so well. They hit hard, can punish switch-ins in quite a few ways, and have solid speed tiers. Gallade can take care of mons like Garbodor, Ferroseed, and notably Poliwrath that...
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    Resource SWSH RU Short Questions and Short Answers

    I wonder, is Snorlax actually still somewhat decent or is it just a complete noobtrap mon at this point? Its managed to stick around even when stuff like Gengar got banned in which Lax was a damn good check to it.
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    Sword & Shield **Official news only** DLC Crown Tundra 22nd October

    Ultimately when it comes to the failures of the "3DS era" as I have dubbed it (coming as someone who actually likes Gens 6 and 7), SwSh in particular, I'm not sure if Gamefreak, TPC, or Nintendo is truly to blame for the particularly bad decisions like Dexit and whatnot. Nintendo has been...
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    Metagame National Dex UU Metagame Discussion - Bans @ #248

    I think the most interesting case here is Aurora Veil. What must be done regarding this is testing to see if Vanilluxe, Aurorus, or Abomasnow Aurora Veil is nearly as big of a problem than Ninetales Aurora Veil. In theory it doesn't look to be the case since those former 3 are much slower than...
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    Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Probably not fitting of here specifically but why do some megas like Manectric or Heracross have new sprites on the UU threads here? Were the sprites for them and the other Megas of Galardex Pokemon found through datamining?
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    Metagame NP: NU Stage 4 - A Whole New World (Bans on post #160)

    Okay, we got an expectedly massive shift. I'll post my early thoughts. Keep in mind these predictions might end up completely wrong but its worth a shot at least with all this chaos going on right now. Broken: :kingdra:: Last gen this ended up getting the boot for its versatility, good...
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     np: SS UU Stage 7 - Hungry Like the Wolf (DLC2 plans - see post #42)

    Hmm? I am wondering, what mons are most speculated to drop from the first November shift? Are there any notable names that might be unexpected, ala Aegislash from the first Isle of Armor shift?
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    Metagame UU Crown Tundra Speculation (SPOILERS!!)

    Personally I'd say Regieleki is basically just a slightly better Electrode. That is to say, not very good. The lack of coverage really hurts it, and you could run itemless Acro so you aren't completely walled by Grass-types, but then that means you have to run Wild Charge as your STAB and that's...
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    Its strange though that Ice horse has a functioning movepool for what it is (SD/CC/STAB/Crunch I guess?) while Ghost horse got a really bad shaft in that department. I know some people in other threads here believe GF made these Pokemon intentionally bad out of malice or whatever, I don't...
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    Metagame NP: PU Stage 2- Let's Go Crazy (Crown Tundra is out)

    For now I'll post about NFEs (aside from Magmar above) that we're getting that could have some use in the current meta at least: Electabuzz @ Eviolite Ability: Vital Spirit EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Thunderbolt - Toxic - Focus Blast / Protect - Volt Switch...