Hello! I'm in the DOU council and am a Smogon Doubles Room Owner, the DOU C&C co-leader along with thetalkingtree and naturally a Moderator and QC Member for the Doubles OU Analyses section, a DOU QC member for The Flying Press, and a B101 Tutor for DOU. I am also an ex-DOU Tier Leader, having fulfilled the position from August 2016 to May 2018, and ex-DOU Forum Moderator.

In addition to the numerous QC checks I've done, I'v also contributed written work in DOU analyses for:
  • Breloom
  • Thundurus-T
  • Latias
  • Latios (Revamp)
  • Talonflame (Revamp)
  • Kangaskhan (Revamp)
  • Mew
  • Chandelure (Writing Stage)
  • Raikou (Revamp)
  • Landorus-T (Partial Revamp)
  • Gengar (Partial Revamp) (Writing Stage)
  • Ferrothorn (Writing Stage)
  • Aromatisse (Revamp) (Overview Only)
  • Zygarde (Revamp) (Overview Only)
  • Manectric (Revamp)
  • Tornadus (Revamp)
  • Mega Gengar
  • Tapu Lele
  • Tapu Bulu
  • Mew (Writing Stage)
  • Naganadel

I wrote SM DOU Facebook Spotlights for the following Pokemon:
  • Choice Band Zygarde
  • Kommo-o
I wrote the following articles:
I participated the following in the described team tournaments:
  • Congregation of the Classiest, SPL 7: 4-0. 2nd Place
  • Alpha Ruiners, SPL 8: 3-4.
  • Astrotias, Snake: 3-5
  • Castelia Cavaliers, BSPL. Champion
  • Manager of the Tohjo Tramplers in DPL, DPL 2, and DPL 3.
  • Hungry Hungry Hippowdons (Messis), DPL 4: 3-4 while playing DUU, BW DOU, and XY DOU
Feel free to contact me through VM or PM!
Oct 23, 1999 (Age: 18)
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