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    Usage-Based Tier Update for July 2018 (for real this time)

    Since no one does socmed visuals for DOU Usage Stats, I've decided to take matters into my own hands
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    Tournament Battle Spot Premier League III - Player Signups

    Username: Memoric Timezone: GMT +8 Formats Played: ORASD / BSD Availability: ye
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    Resource USUM Doubles OU Viability Rankings

    Here's a new round of VR shifts, including the initial ranking of Zeraora! Zeraora: Placement Vote Demantoid: 5, It’s not usually worth it but it can fit on some teams I guess. EmbCPT: abstain. I don’t have enough experience with it to have a proper opinion on the matter. Kaori: imma say 5...
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    Tournament Doubles UU Summer Showdown

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    Doubles Corkscrew Crash DD Zygarde

    Zygarde @ Steelium Z Ability: Aura Break EVs: 76 HP / 252 Atk / 180 Spe Adamant Nature - Thousand Arrows - Iron Tail - Dragon Dance - Protect it's dd zygarde but it can hit bulu!
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    Spotlight Reservations and Schedule [open for non-usage tiers]

    Corkscrew Crash DD Zygarde for DOU please! yeet - p^2
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    Copyediting Zygarde Revamp (GP 1/2)

    [OV] Rewrite the first sentence. The point about it having Thousand Arrows is good and should remain, but saying it was "gifted" it references a generational change which should be avoided. [OV] Could also add something about being able to boost in the part where you talk about bulk [OV] More on...
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    Gen 6 Assault Vest Landorus-T (DOU)

    Generally, remove the references to the other sets. The comparisons made, while good, aren't really essential to the specific points being made and kind of make the work unnecessarily longer. It's also in a bit of a gray area I feel as there's shouldn't be much referencing across sets (ie it's...
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    Quality Control Incineroar (QC 1/2) Writing

    [OV] Fit in a mention somewhere about its bulk too, 90 stats across the board is p fine along with the package it has and is definitely also a notable part of why it's good.. [Moves] Make sure to emphasize the free turns more relative to the chip damage! [Moves] Saying Blitz "won't be used much"...
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    rip. thanks my guy

    rip. thanks my guy
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    The UU Open VII - Round 1

    was given win
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    Resource USUM Doubles OU Viability Rankings

    Forgive me for forgetting about this, but we've done the scheduled lower tier maintenance votes as promised! This should have been up on the 5th but your homie got too tired enrolling to college since it's like a 3 hour trip to get there, hope y'all can let this slide as this was all my bad...
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    The LC Open VII - Signups