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    Policy Review Stage Adjustments and Quality Control

    Which is also true for abilities and a major reason for several of the bans (Huge Power, Fluffy). With this in mind, have there ever been proposals about parallelizing stages? Co-designing abilities, movepool and statistics with all the parts giving each other partial real-time feedback...
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    Gen 8 CAP Updates - Justyke Ability Poll

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    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Ability Discussion

    I disagree with Fluffy because it is strongly linked to "physical" fur (only the Bewear and Dubwool lines get it) rather to something as incorporeal as a cloud; its added Fire weakness also makes little sense for a cloud. If Damp is to be replaced Cloud Nine seems fine.
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    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Typing Poll

    Electric/Dragon -> Electric/Dragon
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    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Typing Discussion

    I would keep Electric/Dragon throughout the whole line, since I feel Monohm's facial features are sharp/reptilian/draconic enough. Its visual departure from its following stages is far smaller than Trapinch's, and Altaria is overall an exception to how Dragon-types usually look like.
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    CAP Prevos - Monohm & Duohm - Art Submissions

    Does Monohm have back legs, or not? The artwork provided in the opening post suggests the latter but the sprite suggests the former.
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    CAP Prevo - Nohface - Shiny Palette Poll 1

    Gleeboop Slapperfish
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    Policy Review The Over Tuning of CAP Creations

    Consider these points in a very general manner. A point I noticed after my previous analysis: the recent high-BST period I noticed coincides with the XY/SM era which due to Mega Evolution had much higher BSTs in non-Uber tiers. Now that Mega Evolutions are not currently in the game I guess this...
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    Policy Review The Over Tuning of CAP Creations

    More on the BST issue. CAPNameBST>540Notes 1Syclant555X 2Revenankh525 3Pyroak540 4Fidgit555X 5Stratagem535 6Arghonaut555X 7Kitsunoh513 8Cyclohm548X 9Colossoil565X 10Krilowatt570X 11Voodoom550X 12Tomohawk535 13Necturna547Xused to be 570 14Mollux535 15Aurumoth600Xdescribed as pseudo-legendary...
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    Language Exchange

    Highlighting the "indo-european" part because I feel it is important to note that despite differences with varying degrees of superficiality Germanic and Romance languages do share a common ancestry and therefore several grammatical features. A relevant part of English vocabulary has also been...
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    CAP Prevo - Nohface - Art Poll

    Gravity Monkey
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    CAP Prevo - Nohface Ability Discussion

    I dislike Rattled because it is usually reserved for Pokémon who have reasons to be easily scared, and Nohface looks more scary than easily scared. Frisk/Limber/Cursed Body seems fine, or Rattled can be reversed into Frisk/Limber/Unnerve.
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    Flash CAP Pokédex

    Are these being archived in a more persistent storage? Right now this unnamed one has its artwork unavailable, so do Chamereon's recolours, and Cnidali's artwork requires accessing a site with an untrusted certificate to be viewed.
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    CaP Prevos - Nohface Typing Discussion

    Pure Ghost seems the most natural, and I cannot see anything Normal in Nohface's design. If a strong necessity to have a dual typing is felt I could see Dark/Ghost fitting somewhat, but again, this time I don't see any need to overcomplicate things.