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    Formerly the mj show

    Formerly the mj show
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    hey i cant play for nu open pretty much so you can take the activity win sorry for the inconvenience

    hey i cant play for nu open pretty much so you can take the activity win sorry for the inconvenience
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    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    requesting name change to: menusaur-vega This name is the one i generally prefer to use on pokemon showdown and various other sets and the mj show tends to get confused with other people. although it pertains to my name initials, i feel its time to change my name to something i like. done - hikari
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    The RU Open VI - Round 1

    lost in 2 ggs
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    SM RU Double Strong Jaw (Bulky Offense)

    solid team man one thing ill suggest is that you put hp grass or taunt over encore on salazzle and poisionium z over firium to better break threw bulky water and allows you to beat diancie and rhyperior if you decide to run hp grass. also on donphan if you want it to be offensive with some bulk...
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    SM OU Mega mawile team

    one thing that is obviously an issue is that you dont have any hazard removal so something like lead sash drill over marowak-a can setup rocks and rapid spin away other hazards. also instead of rotom try ash gren with spikes to keep up hazard pressure and this really helps mega mawile. tapu koko...
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v4

    mamo on ground spam teams is a good mon doubt problem is its pretty slow and prone to being revenge killed and even setup on by certain mons. otherwise this thing is a pretty underated threat. also one of the other reasons its not used is because the mons that threaten it are usually used alot...
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    Other PU Balance Team (9-1 Record)

    hitmonchan or other fighting types could help with your rock weakness . possibly over something not really needed on your team. n_n
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    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v4

    As far metagame trends go, its more stall and offensively oriented than last gen because the introduction of mons such as magearna lele and many more and z moves boosting the viability of lesser used threats from last gen. also suicune has seen lots of usage more than last gen mainly the vincune...
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    SM OU a really bad webs team

    here are few changes you could make. 1.add magic coat over dbond on smeargle it helps vs taunt users like koko, lele ,etc. 2. rock polish or sub+smack down over stone edge>u-turn. this change mainly because on these teams pokemon prefer to setup or double on a predicted switch instead of...
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    SM Ubers Toxic everything (Trapped in the 1400's)

    one small suggestion by me run max speed on ho-oh and toxic over sleep talk. The hp isn't really needed and you get out sped by many threats. n_n
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    SM Ubers "HALT!" Marshadow + Magearna balance, peaked #52

    if you make your marshadow scarf you still have speed control and life orb yveltal pressures zygarde complete. id still use ice beam on arceus to beat mega salamence by chipping it then going to marshadow to revenge it. scarf marshadow also helps against the double dance and sd variants of...
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    SM OU Why use Rocks Dog when we got Rocks Bug (Peaked top 50)

    very good team but ill will suggest cm on magearna over trick room. i find trick room counter active to zygarde , lando-t , and hawlucha setting up late game. also cm allows you to better take on lele and other special attacking mons.