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  1. Hitmonlee

    Why even post pinch berry/gem sets? Priority is still there. I'd go with either ScarfHJK or fling w/ kings rock. Everything else looks terrible.
  2. flash games - mark 2 You are a robot that has to save the world. Or something. It's a shooter where you get money from destroying enemies to get new equipment.
  3. Who should win Eurovision?

    Um did you see Lena? Bleh, she was hot (not as hot as the Armenia chick but still ) :P Obviously wanted Greece to win as I am myself greek but w/e, we did well.
  4. StreetPKMN: Round 4

    Confirming, good game. Fuck _______ and _______ ( not gonna reveal his team)
  5. StreetPKMN: Round 4

    Replied, gl all.
  6. StreetPKMN: Round 3

    Ah thank you Corndog ^_^
  7. StreetPKMN: Round 3

    I won against Corndog in a gg. -insert the strong Poke that won me the match- is tfp.
  8. StreetPKMN: Round 3

    Corndog answered, we will be playing at 3 pm GMT.
  9. CAP Battle

    Found another special normal move for the secret character, b+m air.
  10. Battle Commentaries??

    I find watching something and listening to its possible music or commentary more fun than reading a wall of text. You can also see how the think, how much they think about their moves etc. As for the commentary, I like the idea, but it is actually difficult to do with battle played on SB, the...
  11. StreetPKMN: Round 3

    Activity Post, I sent a VM a while ago but I didn't get a response. I just sent a PM and I am waiting for his response.
  12. CAP 10 Krilowatt Playtesting

    I actually think that Krilowatt has been a success so far. It stops what you want it to, but fails against others, which is actually its concept. I've been using BB/Waterfall/tbolt/ice beam and it has been working out really well.
  13. New UU List (May 2010)

    Yay Rai and Lass are gone from UU for the rest of Gen IV. Umbreon leaving is sad, I was looking forward to using Curse Sucker Punch. Oh well, at least this round will be fun.
  14. CAP Battle

    Dunno =/ Colossoil seems broken, I kind of swept the floor with him on sweatin'. The starfish couldn't do shit to me. Edit: Hey, I made a video about a neat Kitsunoh ability combo I found. I do fail at it sometimes, but you get the general idea. It probably is really hard to block :O Video
  15. CAP Battle

    Had the same problem as Deucalion too, but after many tries i finally did it :D