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    In Progress More Integration with Smogon Tournaments

    I'm working on this. Sorting out some design/UX stuff first.
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    In Progress More information about hl tools

    That's part of a broader support for regular expressions in highlights - there aren't more really interesting functions, they all fall under that feature. We should probably note that it supports regular expressions, though. I'll do that later.
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    Done [RPS] A "Pause" button in the RPS interface

    Done. Live on next chat patch.
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    Done [RPS] A "Pause" button in the RPS interface

    Seems reasonable, will do this later tonight.
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    Rejected Final Touch On Custom Game

    Custom Game isn't an OM so much as a blank slate - all the limits imposed on it are hard limits (the sim can't handle more than 24 mons, etc). Supporting multiple abilities/items is a significant time investment with not all that much gain, so for now we're not planning on doing so. Closing...
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    Pending unify groupchat commands

    Is there a benefit to this? It seems like unnecessary work for no benefit (in fact, for a few more characters).
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    Pending Modlog Improvement suggestions

    Yeah, sorry, this one's gonna stay as it is (defaulting to room search). Given how PS's HTML works, this would either still have to happen or would require some very messy code. Does it provide enough of a benefit to be worth it? (this is a genuine question, not rhetorical)
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    Pending Modlog Improvement suggestions

    You can type /mlid [x] to get this effect. Keeping in mind that every modlog argument can take multiple inputs, is there a benefit to this beyond not having to type /ml? You'd have to type basically everything else the same, given how PS's serverside HTML inputs work.
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    In Progress /weakness /weakness field?

    Something akin to this is currently in progress - supporting typing simply /weakness and getting the weaknesses of the opposing mon on the field. We're not planning to do more than that at present since it is not "3 lines of code". Have a nice day!
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    Duplicate Show your highest rating for any tier with your current one

    This is planned, but unlikely to happen any time soon due to the magnitude of refactors necessary. Closing as a duplicate of this thread.
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    Rejected Reply on Pokemon Showdown

    Just use meme arrows to quote the message you're replying to. Closing this now, have a nice day!
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    Invalid Return of Splatoon Chatroom

    This forum is not for room suggestions. Closing, have a nice day!
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    Invalid Explain Autoconfirmation in FAQ or Beginner's Guide

    Closing as this already exists.
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    Duplicate Ranking Free-for-all random battles

    This is already planned, but unlikely to happen for quite a long time (if ever) as there are significant technical and policy concerns blocking it. Closing this for now.
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    Rejected Making it obvious which format a tournament is to be played in

    This was discussed a bit more and I'm going to be rejecting this. It's fixing a problem that doesn't exist and hurts no one, which is ultimately a waste of dev time for no benefit (in fact, it's harmful - clogs displays more, etc). Closing, have a nice day!