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  1. Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    New Torbjorn is kind of OP in Junkenstein. Haven't tried him out in PvP yet, though. Any thoughts?
  2. My avatar changed again, wut

    My avatar changed again, wut
  3. The World Cup of Pokémon 2018 - Finals [Won by Team US Northeast]

    MRW the final is 2 US teams midwesterner here, can't really decide, but let's just have a good series
  4. Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    Bumping because the Symmetra rework is on PTR. Thoughts?
  5. The World Cup of Pokémon 2018 - Round 1

    Go Midwest! neo east is cool too
  6. Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    So Brigitte has been out for a couple hours now, and I think she is turning out good so far. Thoughts on good teammates, counters, general strats, etc.? For some reason, I keep thinking Whip Shot is a stun. That's what I get for playing Roadhog a lot recently, lol.
  7. Smogon Tour 25

    EDT is GMT -4, one hour ahead of EST. The time change occurs this weekend.
  8. Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    IT'S HAPPENING For some reason, this doesn't mention her passive, which heals nearby teammates when attacking.
  9. Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    As with last year, everyone who logs on today gets 5 free winter loot boxes. By the way, the Orisa emote is worth the 3k credits easily.
  10. Project USUM OU Victim of the Week [Week 49: Dragon Dance Gyarados]

    Zygarde @ Dragonium Z Ability: Aura Break EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Dragon Dance - Thousand Arrows - Outrage - Extreme Speed Role: Check Zygarde takes around 75% max from Gyro Ball, but avoids the 2HKO from everything else Stakataka carries. Thousand Arrows will almost...
  11. SPL IX - Commencement Thread

    am I doing this right?
  12. SPL IX - Commencement Thread

    #FINCHTOUR... wait, wrong tournament
  13. Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    Is anyone else finding themselves trying to W+M1 enemies as Moira? I know it doesn't do anything, and I should be doing W+M2, if anything. I guess it's force of habit. and don't tell me to rebind my mouse buttons for her, I need to train myself