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    Rules Simple Questions, Simple Answers / Little Cup Information / Forum Rules

    Is Meltan going to be little cup legal when it comes out? The rules say "The Pokemon must be able to evolve, but be in the lowest stage of evolution." lists it as evolving into Melmetal, like it can in pokemon go, but it can't be achieved in-game in SwSh and it can't use eviolite...
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    Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Battle Mechanics Research (Read Post #2)

    Zoom Lens' description says "If the holder moves after the foe, its accuracy will be boosted.", does this include switches? I can't find research on this anywhere, and this mechanic has been known to differ between for instance analytic and payback.
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    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer (CAP V. 3.0 READ THE OP!)

    Why are the old custom moves and abilities not removed or replaced even though they're banned for all new CAPs? They're really confusing as a newcomer.
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    Metagame Shared Power [Under Re-Construction!]

    I had great fun in this meta until I discovered skill link, the cookie cutter team seems to be mega beedrill, cloyster, technician, dazzling/qm and then the final slot can either be hustle no guard for more instant fire power or unaware moxie to beat stamina and snowball even harder. Mirror...
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    Thanks! I love mako, one of my favourite characters ever. Also you just reminded me I should...

    Thanks! I love mako, one of my favourite characters ever. Also you just reminded me I should probably credit the artist haha, so I just put the url in my bio
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    Resource SM RU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    what caused almost all the grass types bar like chesnaught to move down 1 or more viability ranks between SM and USUM?
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    Resource SM RU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    The ru-tiering info seems a bit out of date, I was looking for information on the mega absol ban and found that it doesn't list anything on why or when mega absol, sharpedo and reuniclus were banned. Could the thread be updated?
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    Metagame NP: RU Stage 8: Down By The Water [Kommonium Z Banned]

    Apparently the way photon geyser was working on showdown, always targeting the special side, was incorrect and should be fixed with the next showdown server reset. It now either turns into a fully physical move or a fully special one, targeting the appropriate defense stat. That makes it easier...
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    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer: Monotype Edition

    Are there any threads about the monotype ubers metagame considering it's apparently part of the winter premier challenge?
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    Online Competition 2017 No Holds Barred

    Here's hoping the diancite gets released before this competition starts, seems like it would be an interesting mon to use in this meta.
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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for June 2017 (Jul @ #71) (Aug @ #82)

    This happens to me all the time as well because for some reason gen 6 tiers are the only ones that don't have the gen numer in their name, maybe you can rename them so they have more consistency with the rest? Like it goes gen1ou, gen2ou, gen3ou, gen4ou, gen5ou, ou, gen7ou. I don't know how much...
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    Resource USM OU Role Compendium

    Tapu Bulu now has grassium-z wood hammer as its main set on the site so that should probably be added.
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Trace basically can't copy abilities that have unique form changes associated with them, most likely because game freak didn't want to program those in. Think of the unique animation for a disguise being busted, or the form changes caused by Forecast, Flower Gift, Multitype, Zen Mode, Stance...
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    Approved Visible Poké Ball information

    Is there any chance pokeballs could be implemented on showdown in some way? I noticed between playing vgc on showdown and on battle spot there's a slight difference in information available to players, and that's that on cartridge you can see what pokeball the sent out pokemon are in. It's not...
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    Data Official Smogon University Usage Statistics Discussion Thread, mk.3

    Are the april stats even that important if we have the may stats? I'd personally advocate just considering april the month that never was and continue tiering using the other months' stats as normal.