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    Metagame Inheritance [OM of the Month]

    i'm very surprised at this being a problem... comfey inheritors seem hardly threatening in a meta where every other team has a regenvest steel or steel with reliable recovery. cm/drainkiss sets continue to be amazing cleaners and wincons, but the user really has to put in the work in order for...
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    Metagame Inheritance [OM of the Month]

    ladder's not open so i haven't tested these babies, but i'm wondering if these jank sets might be of any use. these are all probably memes but haha priority go brr: :xy/togekiss: Togekiss @ Life Orb Ability: Triage EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Draining Kiss -...
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    Metagame Godly Gift

    not a BH player, but it might be worth looking for ways to Improof your sweepers like in that tier. simple ways work, like running substitute or unburden or having a hard counter in the back, or even just abusing the fact that most dittos are still choiced and you just need to bring in a resist...
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    Metagame Godly Gift

    zacian-c is fixed to donate base zacian stats, as the crowned variant is a forme change at the beginning of battle. anyway I'm bored of zacian-c teams, here's my rain build without one: it's not close to perfect but it'll cheese most matchups and get by...
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    Metagame Cross Evolution

    pitching in as someone who's been bodied by this team more times than i'd like to admit: the stacked Larvestas are really effective, since most teams only have one bulky water (either wailmer or vaporeon evo). burst through one and the other physical wall probably doesn't stand a chance. i feel...
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    i think main problems you have to build around is that Shadow Sneak hardly cleans through the...

    i think main problems you have to build around is that Shadow Sneak hardly cleans through the obligatory scyther or sneasel that sometimes feature on CE semistall; which limits galladeclops to more balanced teams. on something like screens HO u lose too much momentum otherwise... :(
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    thanks for the dusclops EVs, it's been mad fun on ladder tearing through shit ^^

    thanks for the dusclops EVs, it's been mad fun on ladder tearing through shit ^^
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    Metagame Cross Evolution

    tbh i think the better DD fighting type would be Gyarados (Mienfoo) with Sub/DD/Drain Punch/Knock Off. Putting 92 HP EVs allow u to tank Seismic Toss with your subs, and there's probably some SDef benchmark to tank Scalds here and there, so you basically break a lot of stall single-handedly (sub...
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    SS LC Green Galaxy 24-0

    What does Endure do for Weak Armour Onix, seeing as there's no Berry Juice or Sturdy to be activated by it?
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    Metagame np: SS DOU stage 0: Begin Again | Beat Up banned

    Rain spam has been working out pretty well for me, considering how you can pack enough weather-boosted nukes to take down opposing dynamax, saving your own dynamax to steamroll late-game. I started with a core of Ludicolo/Drednaw, with Drednaw's Head Smash being a great trade option vs. annoying...
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    CAP 25 - Part 9 - CAP25f Movepool Poll 2

    G-Luke Deck Knight
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    Resource USUM UU Team Bazaar

    luke/shark spikestack
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    CAP 25 - Part 9 - CAP 25f Moveset Discussion

    What moves coordinate best with our ability, Technician? Lots of people have mentioned Bulldoze and Mud Shot, which I really don't think are useful options at all. Looking at the checks and counters list, there are a grand total of 2 faster mons we hit with Ground-type speed-lowering moves...
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    CAP 25 - Part 8 - CAP 25f Stat Spread Poll

    Dogfish44 Jho Deck Knight