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  1. Battle Mechanics Research says that poison fang's effect rate increased from 30% to 50%. Is that TRUE?
  2. Battle Mechanics Research

    I tested Flower Veil 2 weeks ago. Grass type pokemon with Flower Veil can prevent stat lowering itself, seems like Clear Body. But pokemon with Healer seems that it still can't cure itself. please report it.
  3. Battle Mechanics Research

    I tested. My Lucario used Quick Guard and succesfully blocked wild Klekfi's Torment that priority +1 increased by Prankster.
  4. Battle Mechanics Research

    Can Quick Guard block Flying type move that priority increased +1 by Gale wings ability?
  5. B&W Research Thread

    Echo Voice's maximum base power is 200. and...... Ah.......I coudn't understand. ㅠㅠ in double battle [First Turn] X used Echo Voice, and X fainted. (BP 40) Y used different move. [Second Turn] Y used Echo Voice. (BP 80) Echo Voice's base power boosted. Do you understand?
  6. B&W Research Thread

    [Free Fall] If target has Flying type or Lavitate, Free Fall always Fail. [Telekinesis] If you use Telekinesis to target, Target will not hit any Ground move like Lavitate. If target hit by Knock Down, Telekinesis always FAIL.
  7. B&W Research Thread

    I tested move 'Trickery' English : Trickery Japanese : イカサマ Korean : 속임수 Base Power : 95 (Strongest Dark type physical move) Accuracy : 100 PP : 15 [Pokemon for test] 1. Zoroark - Lv.50 - Attack 103 2. Registeel - Lv. 85 - Attack 120 / Defense 282 3. Armaldo - Lv. 83 - Attack 306...
  8. B&W Research Thread

    1. 'Stench adds the flinching effect.' - I think it is true. 2. 'Sticky Hold adds the flinching effect.' - It is absolutely FALSE. 3. 'Sturdy (Ishizumai's ability) makes Pokemon susceptible to being flinched.' - It is so ridiculous. ABSOLUTELY FALSE. 4. Take Down has the added effect of...
  9. B&W Research Thread

    I tested 'Sing-A-Round'. [example] Jaroda (speed 115) Reshiram (speed 90) Swampert (speed 60) If Jaroda, Reshiram and Swampert use Sing-A-Round in same turn in Triple battle, Jaroda's Sing-A-Round base power is 60, and Reshiram and Swampert's Sing-A-Round base power is 120. [example] my...
  10. B&W Research Thread

    Yes, it does. Also, power increased at rotation battle. BUT opponants's Echo Voice don't increased our Echo Voice's power. 1. If X didn't used Echo Voice and Y used it in the same turn, power increases. 2. If Y didn't used Echo Voice and X used it in the same turn, power increases. 3. If X and...
  11. B&W Research Thread

    [Echo Voice Test] HOW TO TEST Reshiram (SpDef 195, HP 250) Chirachino (SpAtt 124) Jaroda (Gastro Acid) 1. Jaroda use Gastro Acid to Chirachino. (for delete Technician) 2. Chirachino use Echo Voice to Reshiram. 3. Check the reshiram's remain HP. 4. Use the Full Potion to Reshiram...
  12. B&W Research Thread

    Urr....;; Can't you find him? He is in the house where is at market's south-east direction. but if he don't teach move, show him your starter pokemon.
  13. B&W Research Thread

    Oath's Tutor AH, you want teaching Oath to yout pokemon, Right? Oath's Move Tutor is in the Hodomoe City, Fifth badge city. Thanks for understand what I say. WARNING : STARTER POKEMON'S ONLY!! DON'T FORGET IT.
  14. B&W Research Thread

    Oath Grass + Fire Oath -> Opponents are damaged for 1/8 of their total HP at the end of the turn. Fire + Water Oath -> Speed of all opponents is reduced by 50%. Water + Grass Oath -> Doubles the chance of a move's side effect occurring. Does not stack with Serene Grace. If two Oath moves form...
  15. B&W Research Thread

    Acrobat I tested. My hiyakki(water monkey) attacked Rhyperior in Black City, and I found 'Acrobat+Jewel' stronger than 'Acrobat+No item'. I think Jewel's consumption is first, and Power-up Acrobat is second. Can you understand what I say? 1. pokemon X use Acrobat. 2. X's Jewel Consumed...