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  1. Scolipede [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    Suck it
  2. Gen 5 BW NU Viability Rankings

    "And then Scolipede's EQ, so I assume the majority of Scolipede can defeat Carracosta (or cripple it beyond repair)" You are severely underestimating Carracosta's natural bulk. Scolipede's EQ probably does around half which is nowhere near "crippling it beyond repair". You still have 5 or so...
  3. Smogon Tournament #9 - Finals [Won by gr8astard]

    Phil has the best post of this entire thread js
  4. Smogon Tournament #9 - Finals [Won by gr8astard]

    hahahahaha good joke! oh wait...
  5. Smogon Premier League IV - Week 6

    had the game won and got fucked by a last turn crit. sucky ending but it was a fun game gg bud
  6. Smogon Premier League IV - Week 5

    Lost to dingle. I am no match for triple protects......jk gg bud
  7. Drifblim (Revamp) QC [3/3] GP [2/2]

    ok first things first. Add a SubCM set. There is really no debate about this lol. Its one of Drifblim's best sets right now and it completely deserves to be in the analysis. (I'll include the set at the end). Being able to set up a Sub on a Choiced Close Combat or insert other fighting move...
  8. Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 1

  9. The Philip7086 Smack Talk Thread

    mike is a shit y/y <3
  10. Quality Control for On-Site Analyses

    I think the ability to run an offensive set sets it apart from Alomomola so yeah it could have a set i think
  11. BW NU King for a Day

    (KEIRAN WE ALL KNOW THESE BANNERS ARE YOURS! YOU DON'T NEED CREDIT) INTRODUCTION Best RMT name ever y/y? So this has been my go to NU team as of the past two months but following the release of Gothitelle it effectiveness has dropped so I’ve decided to go ahead and retire this version of the...
  12. Apprentice Program: Round Sixty Three

    Username:MMF Age:18 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: MMF, _Death_ Your timezone and usual hours of availability: EST, 12 pm-1am What tier do you want to learn?:BW OU Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a really good NU player and have been playing that tier for awhile and have gotten myself...
  13. Rating Basics

    Hey so I've been trying to rate as many NU teams as I can to help people get better in the tier so I thought I would see if I'm going in the right direction with my rates! Here they are :) Rate 1 : Rate 2 ...