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    D_What's would-be art thread :|

    I'm glad you're doing better! And nice job on these drawings, they're really dynamic n well composed
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     Smeargle's First Summer Secret Santa!

    AHHHH THANK YOU brzozod526 !!! I love the smugness and how you painted!! These coconuts are gold, too
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     Smeargle's First Summer Secret Santa!

    I'm happy you like it <3! also... gunbee...
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     Smogon's Sword & Shield Fanart Thread (Spoiler Warning)

    I've been uploading these to my insta and twitter! @mono_luca
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    monomite's art thread

    AHH thank you so much!! ;_; That made my day!
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    monomite's art thread

    A few recent pokemon art.. I'm looking forward to coming back to do stuff here ^_^ I've been uploading more actively on my insta:
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     Smeargle's Studio's Eighth Annual Secret Santa!

    Nerina THANK YOU so much!! I love it Ç_Ç the colors are so good and I love the soft look Max. Optimizer I'm very happy you like it! I did my best to make it a cool background.
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    monomite's art thread

    this is a gift for Auresi , who drew me a very sweet drawing of zangoose!! thank you!
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     Art for Social Media

    thank you!! (˶´▽`˶)
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     Art for Social Media

    Manaphy done!
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    Auresi's Art

    I'm in love with your art, it's so cute and clean!!! These goomys are adorable, too ;_;