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    Project OU Next Best Thing: Cycle 51 - Kartana (Submissions)

    Liquid Echoed Voice, have used it before and it's very fun.
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v5 (usage in post #547)

    1. Still not a fan of Urshifu, while I appreciate that it has had an impact on the meta, it's a restrictive one that forces people to run the same mons to deal with it. It can be dealt with, unlike some other problematic mons, but limiting teambuilding that much is not healthy, reminiscent of...
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    Project UnderUsed Teambuilding Lab V3

    Hi, I'm a longtime OU/OMs player but since my friends play lower tiers I wanted to try getting into UU, especially since some of my favorite Pokemon seem to live here. I did try some teambuilding of my own but I wasn't satisfied with anything I could come up with, each build felt like it had...
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    All Gens RoA Community's Choice Ladder: September 2018 - ORAS 1v1

    As the individual who's consistently held the top of the ladder in Gen 6 1v1 for months at a time It's fun for a couple of games or as a tournament, but it's really bad as a ladder voting Monotype
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    Tournament Monotype Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 4

    Imagine: 1. Starting a battle at 12:59pm 2. 1:00pm deadline hitting at turn 3 in the battle when it should have never been extended in the first place 3. The hosts extending the deadline (which should have never happened or been allowed) to 1:02pm 4. Finishing the battle after the aforementioned...
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    Tournament Monotype Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 4

    Here is the real screenshot Fardin I took this right at the extended deadline Perishing Song posted in the chat Of an extra extended deadline, which both Perishing Song and Smub both confirmed And gathered it to post in the chat of Magma's ongoing battle at the time which was not completed...
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    Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Tier Shift 2v2 Doubles
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    Metagame Linked

    Here's a fun set I've been having good success with: Magearna @ Light Clay Ability: Soul-Heart EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Reflect - Volt Switch - Fleur Cannon - Light Screen Now, by the looks of it, I'm sure one of your first thoughts is that you're...
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    Project USM OU Teambuilding Competition - Tapu Koko

    Gotta vote Team A here. I'm a big Volcarona fan so I definitely had to check out this round's submissions and gave them all a go, and with Jord-e's team I usually felt quite comfortable and generally didn't find myself thinking "damn I wish I had __" and stuff along those lines. Of course, Lele...
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    Metagame USUM Monotype Metagame Discussion

    Darkrai still holds 135/125 offenses with Nasty Plot, Z-Hypnosis, and great coverage options, Dark Void wasn't the only strong thing about it. Dawn Wings Necrozma is about as dumb a suggestion as something like Reshiram, even if its viability in regular Ubers isn't the best, there's no way you...
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    Metagame STABmons

    I'd agree with you on that, there doesn't seem to be any notable super-threat that stands above the others. Lopunny and Thundurus are certainly strong in their own right, but as are many of the other A+ mons. A VR doesn't exactly need to have an S-ranked 'Mon, and I'd actually consider that a...
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    Metagame STABmons

    Why did this metagame get cut from the permanent ladders anyway? I missed when this was announced, probably during one of my many hiatuses lol. But like, I see STABmons being relegated to only being playable during OMotM while stuff like Sketchmons is now permanent? Feelsbadman I thought we had...
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    Metagame STABmons

    Doom Desire + Future Sight Bulky Offense Heatran @ Steelium Z Ability: Flash Fire EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Blue Flare - Doom Desire - Earth Power - King's Shield Slowking (M) @ Assault Vest Ability: Regenerator Shiny: Yes EVs: 248 HP /...
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    Metagame STABmons

    OM legend and professional AFKer here to drop in with my god squad team (that just got better bc of Koko ban), but where should I post it, just drop it here or something? Resource document is read-only.
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    Try Sing on Pidgeot over one of your two Flying-type moves, it's super useful.

    Try Sing on Pidgeot over one of your two Flying-type moves, it's super useful.