Jan 1, 1980 (Age: 41)


My first (and only) RMT

[16:03] %n00b: definitely not as bad as php tho
[16:03] +phps alt: thats not acutally possible

[21:22] @Hack: man me orch and steel should make a movie
[21:22] @Hack: it could be called
[21:22] @Hack: the good, the bad and the lucky

[22:52] @Steelphoenix: I'm serious
Steelphoenix was warned by shrang. (are you fucking serious)

[19:57] Thugly Duckling: Gay people are idiots
[19:57] Thugly Duckling: For being gay

[18:01] +php: bananaman383, LzrGunPewPew would be more than happy to help
[18:01] bananaman383: what lobby is he in
[18:01] +LzrGunPewPew: He's in the main lobby

[10:29] @LustrousPalkia: OH FUK ARE YOU KIDDINGM ME
[10:29] @LustrousPalkia: ITS FUCKING RAINING
3 minutes later...
[10:32] @LustrousPalkia is gonna sound extremely stupid
[10:32] @LustrousPalkia: it's condensation in the window

[22:07] monkeykilling: my dick is an ubber
[22:07] goomynator: is it in lc ubers?


[11:33] #shrang: nurgurblurd: Join me in my revolution against corrupt authority figures. Disregard the whims of voiced members and above in allying yourself with me and many others who have been wronged by this unjust system. If you have any questions or would like to join me, message me personally. Thank you.
[11:33] #shrang: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
nurgurblurd was banned by shrang.

[22:12] %n00b: shitposting into the lobby is like shitting
[22:12] %n00b: into a lake of shit
[22:12] +Minority Suspect: its like shiting in the state of New Jersey