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    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    Alright guys, the council has made a collective vote on the biggest threats in each of our opinions, found here for your reference. Anyway, Altarianite was deemed the highest threat and will be assessed first. Details will be revealed soon by the council . Also, note that the order of the next...
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    #tannedcharizards #neverforget #drake #pamelaanderson #deckd was good fun friends. even though we aren't winners, we are still this: #tanned
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    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    I don't support unbanning Zapdos right now, and we should stop trying to predict the future by implying that Flying would be 'bad' if they lose Altarianite and Charizardite X. Maybe it would, maybe it won't. We should concentrate on the current meta, not the future one. And right now, I believe...
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    Ladder ORAS Monotype Discussion

    Hey everyone, after extensive discussion from the old thread to here, the monotype council has conducted a vote on Smooth Rock, with the results shown below: Council Vote on Smooth Rock Anttya - Type Ban on Ground Freeroamer - Type Ban on Ground Nani Man - Type Ban on Ground scpinion - Type...
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    Tournament OMPL Week Four

    TheCommadore your new opponent is Dream Eater Gengar as TTer is unable to play. The Immortal hollywood #praiseTI #RIPzards
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    Tournament OMPL Week Two

    rof wtf? he said he went away. ok nvm! praise tanned charizards
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    Tournament OMPL Week One

    jeran tagging you to say that -Clone- is unable to play this week and we must sub him out for Monte Cristo . tagging managers Uselesscrab and Piccolo Daimao and hollywood to update OP.
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    i wanted to deck bubbles as a kid.still do

    i wanted to deck bubbles as a kid.still do
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    i **support** the profile pic

    i **support** the profile pic
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    Ladder Monotype [Read post #393 for Tiering Updates]

    Hey friends, it's been a while now that we've all had to post and discuss things, but we've now reached a decision on a few things, whilst others are still pending for the timebeing. Firstly, Metagrossite, being a hot topic, was extensively looked at and has its fate now decided. As we know...
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    Metagame Suspect 5 Nomination Stage

    1. Mienfoo
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    ORAS UU Stage 2 Voting

    Serperior: Keep BL