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    Hey, when are you available to play for the little cup? I can play tomorrow night but other than that I'll struggle to play this week so i hope I can find you! (I'll try and be flexible)

    I'm bang on GMT btw
    Check your PMs. I sent you your verse, the instrumental, and the lyrics for the song.
    Put those sexy pipes to work and make some panties drop.
    ya you caught me while i was in class, I should be free tomorrow, so it should work then
    Hey pass me that rng you have I want to try it out with a few things.

    I have a system in place with my player selection device that will allow a charge once all players are in the pods. I'd like to also have the machine keep running until I get the two captain which I can probably do with a one way piston charge attached to a stone generator to stop the repeating once I get two different captains. I'd like to see if yours helps with my size. Mine currently works in selecting a player but I'm concerned it just isn't as random as the one in that video.
    so uh

    me, sal, dis and samo are all done with our verses

    and the chorus is done

    that is on skype
    if you guys get on skype and shit we can help you with your verse
    wait how do politoed and ferrothorn even team up i havent actually battled since like fire red and leaf green came out
    Why aren't you tekkiting we're making a melonman machine and we need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah but I was supposed to be teaching you how to tekkit and then you fell off the face of the earth. :( Also, everyone is dying so your point is moot.
    Hi nanoswine, i'm your opponent in the LC Open R4. I'll not be home friday, saturday and sunday, so can we play until thursday? I'm GMT-3 and I always enter in smogon at night. If you see that I'm online here you can VM me and then we play. o/
    Boro did you die again
    We're making good progress on the rap and we need you
    This is your child too
    Take responsibility
    I'm GMT-3 and usually free during the afternoon/evening. Since I'll only have classes on thursday this week, I'll be free the most part of the time.

    I'm not usually on #littlecup, but I'll log there and you can call me whenever you see me on n_n
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