I love Pokemon, Starfox, and Warrior Cats. I have a teacup toy poodle named Gingi who is 17 and I used to have a goldfish named Seaking who died, halfmoon beta fish named Halfmoon who died, and a cat named Sooty who also died. I miss him so much. I do however have a friend stray cat named Shadow who I will take in if my parents will let me (she is practically my pet at this point anyway). My favorite character in Starfox is Fox McCloud, the main protagonist and my favorite hero. In Warrior Cats my favorite character is Graywing. Feel free to pm me anytime about just about anything! Really, I actually encourage it! I’m also a Christian.

Ok tbh thats kinda vague, so I’ll tell you more haha. I’m a rather trash drawer, however I do still have an art thread lol. I am, however, a relatively good story maker, at least in my eyes. I am making two book series, one a fiction about wolves and another my own Pokémon story, however I get bored and write, like, 5 books in a day and then just stop because it isn’t appealing to me anymore. I also love talking, so feel free to pm me to talk about most anything (things that I won’t talk about include things I don’t know, like, or agree about)! I also like competitive battling, so challenge me absolutely any time you like on Pokémon Showdown! My favorite animals are foxes and cats, and the people I consider my friend the most here is Just A Shroom God, so be sure to check him out! My close Bulbagarden friends include mastermind lissi and Handium, and my close PokeCommunity friends are Mars THT, Kyatra, Alex_Among_Foxes, and Lavender, so if you have those check them out as well!

I also like working on my fangame, Pokémon: Seasons, but it’s a lot and gets lonely working on it, so feel free to help!

Warning: I’m autistic and have adhd, so don’t be surprised if I yap/message your ears off lol
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