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  1. im playing lol right now wait 30 mins if u can

    im playing lol right now wait 30 mins if u can
  2. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    yeah thats what i thought, but i saw dyrus using x level runes so i was wondering if that 4% lategame was worth.. tnx anyway
  3. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    hello guys, im willing to buy cdr runes for riven, but i dont know if flat cdr is better than cdr x level.. though you dont reach 40% with flat cdr (ionian, masteries, brutalizer and runes is like 36%) i think it gives you an advantage early.. suggestions?
  4. Kyurem-B Discussion: Is it Broken?

    What he wanted to say is that bw will still be a shit even without kyub. Its true btw, theorycally haxorus destroys stall just like kyub (sd taunt lum or other weird stuff) as well as sd terrakion, mix mence, sd garchomp ect. @ magcargo outrage locks you whilr draco meteor doesnt
  5. Kyurem-B Discussion: Is it Broken?

    Kyub isnt that different from the whole ou.. even if you ban it you will have hydreygon who replaces it and so on. Sure cb outrage coming from a 170 base atk pokemon is scary but the majority of them doesnt even run max atk. Honestly kyub isnt the first one in my black list but yeah checking the...
  6. i dont know, i just dont have time/im sick of this game so i didnt pay attention to that. if you...

    i dont know, i just dont have time/im sick of this game so i didnt pay attention to that. if you can give it to someone else it would be better, ill probably leave smogon
  7. Gen 5 The OU Viability Ranking thread

    omg this thread is getting stupid. btw, i think the most effective set salamence has in this gen is the scarf set, as remedy said, because it can revenge kill things and at the same time "mantain momentum". If, for example, you chose a scarf latios you can switch after a draco meteor(whereas you...
  8. BW2 Playstyles: Discussion Thread

    yeah but why would you use it over sand offense? tyranitar removes rain and sun too, it doesnt need rapid spin support and its a better pokemon overall thanks to the sp. def boost. also i've never really get why kyurem is used with abomasnow, do you use it for blizzard? or just because it isnt...
  9. BW2 Playstyles: Discussion Thread

    Hail is easily the worst playstile. you will never use a random abomasnow because you need it for something, but instead you will start your build with it, knowing you want an hail team. The problem is that its stealth rock weak, half of the metagame kos it, and while the same can be said for...
  10. The Best Ladderer - Round 2 [Deadline moved to 30th!]

    yes, you should. sorry but i completely forgot about this.
  11. Official OU Round 11 Suspect Voting

    Landorus-I: Ban
  12. Still Stalling

    hey i goy your request. I tried to build a team around lapras once, and it wasnt the best thing in the world. Its weakness to sr, bad typing that leaves it weak to common moves (rock, fight, eletric) , dependent on rain to work, not difficult to wall and with a bad offensive presence overall...
  13. Rise!

    hey delko, are you sure that set works? imo half of the metagame beats that set, trick users, psychic types with psyshock, ss keldeo, anything with a decent bulk and attack (ttar, scizor, jirachi, ferrothorn, any dragon/fight), so i dont know if its really worth it.. anyway i wont touch that set...
  14. Two Frogs in a Lake (peaked #1)

    hi, Congratulations for your peak, im sure this team is good so i shouldnt be here rating it. However, i got an idea looking at your team, which is replacing your fire type. I know heatran does some few things for you even under rain, such as phazing and setting up stealth rock, but overall i...
  15. Gen 5 The OU Viability Ranking thread

    i would like to put gliscor into an inferior rank the reason is that lando (both formes) gives him much competition and i just feel its completely outclassed in everything except the sub toxic set, which isnt as good as it was in bw 1 imo landorus-t has intimidate which is waaay more usefull...