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  1. 2013 International Challenge (OVER!)

    Nope Fantom you did not play me but you did play 2 well known Brits who you DC'd on. Innocent until proven guilty I guess but these two in question don't lie
  2. 2013 International Challenge (OVER!)

    Or Rage Quit in your case? Yeah don't DC against people from the same country....or at all really. It does nothing to help your reputation. Good luck on that top 10 finish ;)
  3. 2013 Winter Friendly

    Well he also said this: And usually it's been determined that if you admit to one DC then you might have done more, either way moving on becaue I'd rather focus on the fun during the battles :) Like when I had a mirror match with someone xD That was great fun :D
  4. 2013 Winter Friendly

    Ok so I came 90th then and you got DQ'd so I guess you DC'ing on that DC'er could've been the decider. So that means you DC'd on 10 people? That also means it's probably another 10 losses which would drop your score by around 20-30 points per loss which would be around 200-300 points, maybe...
  5. 2013 Winter Friendly

    It's ok to disconnect on disconnectors? Well if you disconnect wouldn't that make you a disconnector too? I think I'll just stick to what I do best, duking it out till the end. I'd never consider disconnecting, even on a known disconnector.
  6. 2013 Winter Friendly

    I know that it's annoying that people DC on you, as they do others, but DC'ing on them is not the answer and in my opinion it would make you just as bad for DC'ing on them
  7. 2013 Winter Friendly

    I did say most :P I know that the first four can break through Aron's Sturdy. Giratina is countered by T-Tar as well. But this is a rotation battle and it's a battle of rock-paper-scissors in the end. Good luck to everyone ^_^
  8. 2013 Winter Friendly

    I just thought of something. What if someone did use Tyranitar? They are most likely guarenteed the weather-win. And what if you pair that with a Shell Bell Aron? Tyranitar can hit ghosts with a Super Effective Crunch. And all Aron has to do is Endavour against most legendaries. I'm not going...
  9. 2013 International Challenge -January- [RANKINGS RELEASED]

    It's DC's/DC's+Total Matches completed So mine was 16/87 which leads to 18.4%. Incedently I did rank and I got 130th place, could be better but could've been worse. Great job everyone! Have some toast :toast: :toast: :toast:
  10. 2013 Winter Friendly

    I'm gonna try n' play and I've never even used ubers xD Watch me get below 1500 with a team of Legendaries xD \o\ lol /o/
  11. Wheatleys Laboratories[Open for Free VGC mon bidness!]

    Hey Biosci, could I possibly trade with you for the following two poke's? I have serious intentions to use them for the VGC's, thank you in advance. #381 Latios (Latios) ♂ (level 100) OT: Biosci ♂ (SoulSilver, 10901/64394) Timid - Levitate - 31/19/31/30/30/31 - 4 HP/4 Def/250 SAt/252 Spd Icy...
  12. 2012 VGCS Winter Battle - Biosci wins!

    I'd say before the week is over. I think Saturday would be the best bet
  13. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    Thanks, just wanted to double check :D
  14. VGC Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Mark II

    I know this could've been answered before and it probably sounds noobish for me to ask but; If I get a non-hacked pokemon that is fully legit from pokecheck and it doesn't have the ribbon (obviously), is that pokemon eligible to use at VGC's? Or will it not pass the hack checks? I am thinking...
  15. 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    Because I am using my original DS, my MAC address starts with 3 0's but the reporter cuts these off. Is this the reason for constantly hitting the wrong IV's that I want?