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    Fire Emblem [Discord Channel in Topic]

    Well the thing is, a fair amount of people on the internet, myself included, never liked Pair-Up, and yes, I do mean the act of effectively turning two units into one very strong unit, it is the one aspect of Awakening/Fates I have never liked, so learning that such feature was not added to this...
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    High-pitched childish Goku >>> Boring "hero speech" giving Goku. fite me
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    International Challenge (Feb 2017)

    I ended up going 13-5 (above 1608 rating), I could only play my friday games and 3 saturday games due to having a pre-planned trip to Mazatlan on the weekend. Still fairly satisfied with my performance, it was a fun experience, and I'm hopeful about getting to play the whole weekend on the next...
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    BSS Teambuilding & Help Thread (SuMo Edition Reloaded 2.0)

    Hi, I recognize this is yet another gimmick, but if I were to try and make a team with Mega Sableye in it, what teammates and approach would be the less bad way to go about it? I recognize Mega Sabaleye's big trait of blocking hazards is not relevant in BSS, so would a stall team still not...
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    Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    If it can be bred to have the move in Sun/Moon, it is legal.
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    [Gen 6-8] Eisen's Breeding-Ready Ditto Army

    Requested: Focus Sash Kartana Item: Focus Sash IGN: Nighty Deposited: Level 57 Male Hypno Message: I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles Reason: I need an Assault Vest Kartana in order to finish a variant of my current VGC team, please and thank you!
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    Flargabluhbluh's bluhbluhbluh -Trick Room Kick...Boom?

    Well, this is now just embarrasing... I am avaiable right now and will be for the next several hours, so if you are around, hit me up, please!
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    VGC 17 Whimsicott

    Thank you! Changes made. This is now done!
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    VGC17 Whimsicott is ready for GP checking
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    VGC 17 Whimsicott

    Fixed You saw nothing.
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    VGC 17 Whimsicott

    Changes made!
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    Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

    RIP Gentleman's Rule, you were a shining beacon in the darkness of tournaments.
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    VGC 17 Whimsicott

    blarajan changes made! Endeavor was already in the 'Moves' section but I moved it to OO now.
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    VGC 17 Whimsicott

    Thanks for the correction on Helping Hand, I have fixed it. I honestly have tried plenty of spreads and amounts of bulk, and the conclusion I have come to is that they change very little, the best thing I have found is investing into Special Defense to survive P2's Download boosted Ice Beam...
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    VGC 17 Whimsicott

    Just wanted to make a second check after posting it before declaring it ready for QC. I'm admittely biased for this Pokemon, so I'm wary of putting slashes that are not needed on the moveset due to my enthusiasm, expecially since Memento is not released yet.