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Sergio Lionel Messi Aguero Tevez Casillas III
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[23:05] micahjam97:This whole time I thought Flying Kebab was jewish for some reason
[17:40] gozi:Always remember in time of need to pray for god trickster and his angels kebab and archas for guidance and protection O lord Amen
[12:32] AK-Punk:If u want to get a girlfriend, just find a girl u like, and dedicate yourself into getting into her pants. Its Simple
[16:42] Princess Luna:an arab woman left her husband, she didnt know what jihad
[17:34] lightningkey:everyone knows that the illuminati owns canada
[12:33] hoodlum samurott:ok why do people go ape shit when there is a girrl in the chat room last time i was here i had 2 people ask for my number like have you never seen a girl play pokemon the fuck
[15:32] Reavik:If Gen 2 starters don't get megas I'm killing an Ethiopian
[20:14] Poker(Crustle):if child labor is illegal, why do teachers give a shit ton of homework?
[18:06] CuriousGhost:In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a Trickster is a character in a story (god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphisation),"
[22:54] #GeoffBruedly:ThePokeKnight nah its not gay if its japanese
[22:12] man on a leash:always take that bitch to mcdonalds on the first date let that bitch know she dont get to spend none of yo money until she starts giving up the succ
[19:44] @Silver Scrapes:well I am a satan worshipping cocaine snorter but that's beside the point
[16:26] Nineveh:#Trickster or #GeoffBuredly do something useful and fix the rng kthx
[17:55] Poker(Crustle):FUCK this shit im playing roblox
[18:45] tmathman:Teacher: Describe hydrogen Student: It is a prostitute element Teacher: Who taught you that? Student: You said it does not belong to a particular group and it reacts with almost all the elements in the periodic table.
[17:54] @Tenshi Nagae:no this is stoutland godposting
[18:15] #grimAuxiliatrix:talking abt lopunny's thighs probably isnt that normal
[21:14] Atlantian:Whats this got to do with meek nigga, I'm talking bout yo camel ass, yo camel ass looking daughter, and beyonces sexy ass jayhovawitness
[16:59] Tsunderebolt:i'm a guy but i'd say i'm an attractive girl, no homo
[19:21] Delpox Master:i guess female alolan marowak likes.....boners
[12:32] hugh g recti0n:darnell do you mind if i call you daddy
[23:00] #GeoffBruedly:but I just need a fat bitch who can cook and do the dishes
[23:45] Charles K.:I just want you all to know, Goddess Briyella never did anything wrong.
[21:25] #GeoffBruedly:Petyer we all know you been tapping winry
[16:46] Scrublord1453:Flying Kebab on a scale of 1 to 10 how gay are you for Darnell
[17:45] iKillShinies:fuck you american with your handegg bullshit
[11:30] tsumino:i want to stroke buzzwoles body
[18:23] BryanVIII:and it STILL blows more goats than an ISIS frat boy
[22:27:07] ISIS TAKE0VER: REMOVE KEBAB remove kebab you are worst turk you are the turk idiot you are the turk smell return to croatioa
[19:15] @Silver ☭ Scrapes: lucina did not go back in time after watching her friends and family all die and trying to face a death dragon all alone and save the fuckin world for u fucks to call her bad

Smash Mains

(got a bit better, changed from Falco to Fox as a secondary for memes, and he feels better to use. Meh with Puff, Luigi is fun, and still trash with Falcon)

Falco is mindless in brawl, he's unreal. Infinitely easier to use him in brawl than melee. Marth is Marth, and Toon Link is fun for campy projectiles but can also be solid at being aggro.)

Smash 4:
(Toon Link feels a lot smoother here, so he's my secondary on the rare occasion I play this game, I'd probably be good with Marth if I played as him, everyone's good using Mario)