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    Metagame NP: RU Stage 12: Summertime [Darmanitan Quickbanned]

    Entei rightly stayed in the tier last time. There are more threatening fire types in power (Emboar) and speed (Salazzle). Furthermore, every play type should be able to deal with both standard Entei sets (band and vintei): VS HO: Entei is outsped by most mons on HO. While it does have decent...
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    The UU MasterChef Season 1 (won by warzoid)

    Creativity - Nightingales(Floatzel), Kamer(non-standard functional sets) Essence - Warzoid(webs help craw and gyara), Kamer(most replays with craw just cleaning house after other mons chip) Effectiveness - Kamer(head to head replay with who I was going to pick), Warzoid (high ladder replays)
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    Official ORAS UU Stage 7.2 Voting

    Salamence: Do Not Ban
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    UU Stage 7.2 Alt Identification Thread

    Identifying as cantgetreqs
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    Official ORAS UU Stage 7.1 Voting

    Alakazam: Do Not Ban
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    UU Stage 7.1 Alt Identification Thread

    Identifying as cantgetreqs
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    Iron Chef Season 2: Underused | EPISODE 11, PHASE 3 (post #397)

    So with the new format, who are the chairmen for the building phase? The chefs? Sorry, new to chef, but this week's dish looked too good to pass up.
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    Official ORAS UU Stage 6 Voting

    Crawdaunt: Keep BL
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    UU Stage 6 Alt Identification Thread

    Identifying as cantgetreqs
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    np: ORAS UU Stage 6 - Slow Hands

    I got reqs before posting in case something on the ladder would change my opinion but not so. Yes Crawdaunt is slow, but adamant/naive is still blatantly better in UU right now. Aside from all the points made about daunt rocking slow teams, you basically can't run megabee, nidos, darm, mamo...
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    Official ORAS UU Stage 3.2 Voting

    Pidgeotite: Ban
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    UU Stage 3.2 Alt Identification Thread

    Identifying as cantgetreqs:
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    np: UU Stage 2.1 - You Are Invited

    Victini isn't coming back. -1 252+ Atk Choice Band Victini V-create vs. 0 HP / 24 Def Landorus-T: 285-336 (89.3 - 105.3%) -- 31.3% chance to OHKO ANYWAYS, I think Serperior is being suspected first to see if the ComUUnity can be trusted to recognize obvious problems. A lot of people have...
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    np: UU Stage 2 - Uptown Funk You Up

    OML Mence is killer so far. Not so much an insta-win as Zygarde was when it was hanging out, but there are already bulky, scarf, band, defensive, defog, special sets. It's very fun to abuse right now, but I don't think it's gonna stay and hang. Hera was missed. It didn't need to go in the first...
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    Official RU Stage 6 Suspect Voting

    Pidgeotite: Ban Dragalge: Do Not Ban Serperior: Ban