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    Gen 3 Muk (UU Revamp) QC 0/2

    ctrl+f choice band, no results = me sad A very good team from a couple years ago that uses Muk is on CB spam, (aggron/scyther/banette/muk/kang/filler), and a CB explosion is fucking brutal (you deal nearly 80% to max/max Oma, so you pretty much get a kill unless they predict and have aggron or...
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    [GEN 3 NU] Sableye [DONE]

    Protect probably deserves a hefty mention ~somewhere~ whether that be in the first set or oo. Despite sab not really having the room for it, it's still probably one of the best users of the move, especially because a lot of methods to get rid of it depend on some sort of surprise value (toxic or...
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    wedding when

    wedding when
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    Gen 4 Floatzel (NU Analysis)

    Rain Dance should be mentioned in AC of the 3rd set (and maybe 2nd). Being able to outspeed every scarfer and at worst tie manectric can be game-winning in a similar way to taunt getting that crucial shutdown This is a mon I've rarely explored tho myself outside the lead slot so I don't have...
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    Videogame thread

    Spyro is gr8 for a nostalgia blast and looks beautiful, definitely worth it for that or a standard casual platforming experience, but it's buggy as hell, especially the 2nd and 3rd one (the penguin and the skateboard missions in the 3rd almost caused me to stop playing it was that bad). This was...
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    nj art

    I, too, just wanted to drop by and say hi! Miss you love. The art is bomb as always, did you ever get out of Kansas???? (Also I told tennisace about the nsfw a while ago and he was like "oh you weren't kidding" lol)
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    Project Player Interview #6: col49

    How much time a day do you dedicate to optimizing hypothetical ev spreads?
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    Nop b.b

    Nop b.b
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    Have a question? Ask it here!

    Jellicent's article was written for the Web zine not as a replacement to pidgeot's article, hence why there are both
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    Tauros [QC 2/2, GP 2/2]

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    Gen 1 Cloyster (OU revamp) [QC 0/2]

    Just as a note, there's no need to give a history of Cloyster in the overview, especially when you're mentioning future generations (but just in general I find the history lesson unneeded). It's nice to add a perspective in a way, but just starting from your sentence "Using Clamp to provide free...
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    NU DPP NU Cup - Round 2

    I forfeited the last round to Kev due to time constraints
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    Hey i'm gonna be busy tomorrow, you'll have to take the win

    Hey i'm gonna be busy tomorrow, you'll have to take the win