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    Smog Awards 2018: Results

    Still pulling in the wins after all these years, thanks to everyone that voted! Glad you liked the article
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    OST XV Prediction Tournament

    Nooooooooooooooo I was in the lead too :( Time well wasted I suppose to get two first round wins in my career :psycry:
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    OST XV Prediction Tournament

    Hey Quite Quiet you only closed the second form :/ thought I got lucky and made it in time to fill out the first one
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    Gen 1 [GP] Zapdos (2/2) [0/2]

    I would make a mention that you really should only use Agility if you a) get paralyzed or b) know your opp still has an unparalyzed Tauros/Alaka in the back, otherwise there's not much point in clicking it at all even if you're ready to sweep since you outspeed 80% of the meta naturally. Not...
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    Purpose of this forum

    This is an ADV NU analysis project that is currently on hiatus while Oglemi works on other projects around the site. If you truly desire to work on any of these analyses, you can send a PM to Oglemi and if you can prove you have an sufficient indepth knowledge of the metagame I may allow you to...
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    Pascal from Tales of Graces

    Pascal from Tales of Graces
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    Gen 3 Pikachu NU QC: 1/3

    Drop the mention of Dragonair in the HP Ice comments, it's irrelevant, and Shelgon isn't even going to be taking a Thunderbolt anytime soon. You don't need to mention what Light Ball and Static do. You need to mention that the reason why Encore in OO isn't a slashed suggestion is due to its...
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    Gen 4 DPP UU Viability Ranking

    Whiscash is just a super subpar DDer but it has a really nice typing, so it will actually find setup opportunities, but with the prevalence of any of the Grass-types, big boss Venu being #1, a full sweep is super unlikely to happen, not to mention the amount of priority and Scarfers in the tier...
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    Gen 4 DPP UU Viability Ranking

    The metagame is played basically once maybe twice a year though; just taking a cursory look I'd say it's still pretty accurate. The only things I'd consider moving are Tangrowth and Magneton up a smidge and MAYBE bumping Kangaskhan into A- honestly.
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    Vigoroth (NU) (DONE)

    Added quite a bit to OO as that is really Vigoroth's thing, and uploaded
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    Diglett (NU) [DONE]

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    All Gens Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark II (RoA edition)

    Between Magneton, Dugtrio, and Tyranitar (which isn't that common of a trapper in RSE since the only major target he would have is Gengar, but he is in DPP) you can't ever really be safe. In RSE, Skarmory is the most common Magneton target, and you'll see many players do the following: either...
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    Loudred (NU Analysis) [DONE]

    Edited some things and uploaded