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  1. CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 7 - (Art Poll 2)

  2. Team dude. Peaked 5# on TU and 8# on Smogon

    Okay so when PokeLab goes up again i will make the team like this: LeadGross SeedProtectShaymin LOTRan ScarfApe Breloom DDGyara Thanks really much dudes ;)
  3. Pokémon Lab - the successor to Shoddy Battle

    I logged in this morning, everything was working splendid and just stuff, BUT i think you need to fix on thing. Before when you had made a team i just shutted down the window and it would trigger a window saying "Are you sure about shutting this down, any files will eventually be destroyed" and...
  4. Team dude. Peaked 5# on TU and 8# on Smogon

    Thanks dude. I'll try out.
  5. Team dude. Peaked 5# on TU and 8# on Smogon

    Scizor - Heatran Metagross and Gyarados all checks it Tyranitar - Different from set to set but never really a trouble. Gyara can always come in and Intimidate Heatran - Tran comes in on Fire moves Gyara can also come in. Gyarados - Gyara can kill Ape can kill and Metagross can kill Metagross -...
  6. Team dude. Peaked 5# on TU and 8# on Smogon

    Dude Introduction Hello everyone and welcome to my latest shot at a RMT. This team was made in May and was at first thought to be my retiring team, a team with pokemons i liked and movesets i liked. But it turned out i just liked the team a bit too much. Since then the Smogon server has been...
  7. R.I.P. Leads and Scouting

    Like the 6th person to say, you took the words from my mouth. *Praying to god SB2 will NOT implement this.*
  8. Virizion

    Yes true. But if you can pull off a Cheer up he becomes a bulky sweeper.
  9. Virizion

    Hasty (Random EV spread with Atk,Sp.Atk and Spe) Cheer up Close combat Stone edge Grass knot Something along those lines is problably what i'm gonna run for OU if i consider testing this poke.
  10. Feraligatr

    No. If this guy stays UU he's problably gonna be top-noche there.
  11. Feraligatr

    It boosts the power of moves that HAS a secondary effect, but it will ignore the secondary effect, so Waterfall will be stronger but it's not gonna flinch. (IIRC)
  12. Your everyday OU team for rating

    Hello LKratos you have a very nice team here! Starting off with the start i dont really like the Tyranitar set you re running. I'd suggest you start by changing out Earthquake for Flamethrower. I am also running Tyranitar-lead and it works wonders. Flamethrower checks the oh-so common Scizor...
  13. The UU Viablity Rankings topic.

    Once it's up and running it's hard to beat but to get there they'll have to sacrifice alot of HP. Sub takes away 25% directly. Stealth rock and Spikes is everywhere and if you haven't spinned away those it'll be at 25% when it has setted up. From 25&HP your chances of succesfully pulling of a...