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    UU Chandelure

    Is this up to date and ready to upload Exploudit? If not, please implement the changes ASAP
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    UU Mega Houndoom

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    Project Gen 7 Monotype PotW #11: Zukushiku

    TDK thinks cilantro is spicy
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    UU Mega Houndoom
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    Resource USM UU Reservation Index (READ THE OP)

    big breloom
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    UU Mega Houndoom

    [OVERVIEW] The notable Special Attack and Speed boosts Houndoom receives upon Mega Evolution make it a respectable sweeper in the UU metagame. Its movepool complements its massive Special Attack stat and strong offensive typing perfectly, containing high-Base Power STAB moves, a great boosting...
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    Smogon Premier League 9: UU Discussion

    Week 6 SM UU: Bushtush vs HT SM UU: Sacri' vs Lycans SM UU: Christo vs Pak SM UU: Void vs dodmen SM UU: Manipulative vs A Hero's Destiny Overall, cool matchups. I'm really looking forward to Sacri' vs Lycans since they have some of the highest ceilings in the tournament, meaning we could be in...
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    Resource USM UU Reservation Index (READ THE OP)

    big houndoom
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    Quality Control Alolan Sandslash [QC 2/3]

    Overview Don't forget to mention Slush Rush Again, one-dimensional Moves Kinda hint that Earthquake is the best option generally, mostly because of its coverage Icicle Crash Set Details Slush Rush Team Options Same as the Aurorus analysis regarding sd sciz Other Options You could...
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    Quality Control Aurorus [QC 2/3]

    Overview Add examples of common hazard removers it fares well against Mention some of its support movepool, nothing in depth Bring up its one dimensional nature Moves Small thing but explain how rocks helps teammates, chipping shit Mantine is a really key example of a Freeze Dry target, add...
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    Smogon Premier League 9 - Week 5

    Won vs Void, gg
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    UU Stakataka

    Nothing to add QC 3/3
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    USUM UU Stage 6.1 Voting

    Breloom: Keep BL Buzzwole: Keep BL
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    Smogon Premier League 9: UU Discussion

    Shockingly, I was too lazy to post about my other games but here are the week 5 matchups: SM UU: Bushtush vs Manipulative SM UU: A Hero's Destiny vs Christo SM UU: HT vs Sacri' SM UU: dodmen vs Lycans SM UU: Void vs Pak Highlight match is definitely dod vs lycans since they're good friends...