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  1. Official Smash Bros Tournaments for 3DS/Wii U (UPDATED 04/09/2015)

    Joining 3DS PS Name: Pandamaticalninja FC: 1092-0005-9813 NNID: Pandamatic Probably using mach boy Lucas
  2. XY UU Khan's UU Team (I need some help)

    Damn, sorry didn't see that in the rules. I have that alakazam and suicune (but I think i'm gonna keep my Milotic :3)
  3. XY UU Khan's UU Team (I need some help)

    I have been playing OU, UU, and some NU/RU since X and Y came out. Just looking for some advice on my team and looking for ideas on the last poke I should add to my team. (this is my first RMT) Darmanitan@Choice Scarf (6iv) 252 atk 252 spe 6 hp Ability: Sheer Force Nature: Jolly - U-turn -...
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