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  1. Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    Anyone hear play battle medic cause pf the buff to crusaders crossbow? shit does s much more damage now. Beautiful
  2. Dragonair

    Sorry about that. 1:00 at night isn't a good time for me XD Anyway, I used X-Act Defense Applet but sadly I forgot to check off Marvel Scale (again, 1:00 at night) so now the EV's are 252 HP/80 Def/176 SDef.
  3. Dragonair

    Well there is a much better EV spread. 252 HP / 116 Def / 140 SpDef with a Careful Nature. And this Dragonair isn't meant for late game clean up, she is meant for paralyzing as much of the other team as possible, so slower pokemon on your team can outspeed more pokemon.

  5. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - NU Edition

    Anyone know a good offensive core in NU that has good type coverage and not easily walled?
  6. Project Neverused: Revival

    So your saying to run a bulky set with Dragon Dance? Or another boosting move? I don't see why I should increase Defense EVs when Dragonites typing is much more suited against SDef as it resists Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass, all Special Attacking types, and plus, it is a hard counter to...
  7. can you ban this guy please? can you ban this guy please?
  8. Dragonair

    So now I have 326 HP / 306 Atk / 336 Def / 291 SDef / 363 Spd
  9. NU Index and Reservation Thread MK III

    Cherub Agent has given me Dragonair
  10. alright, thanks

    alright, thanks
  11. Dragonair

    While this set is a Toxic Staller, yes, its real job is to use his ludicrous amounts of speed after a Dragon Dance to constantly use Sleep Talk Dragon Tail to do damage to whole teams. And, if they get the chance to hit you (using priority attacks or if they're choice scarfed, both of which make...
  12. Project Neverused: Revival

    But my spread is designed so that Dragonair with +1 Dragon Dance can outspeed any non-scarfed Cincinno, one of the best sweeper in the tier.
  13. Project Neverused: Revival

    Yeah, one of his main problems is that he has to survive the first hit, thats why he has to be careful about who he switches into.
  14. Project Neverused: Revival

    Forgot to say that I run it with Toxic Spikes and the other entry hazards with it. Still, Dragon Dance is not redundant, as Sleep Talk doesnt have reduced priority. So the goal of the set is to Dragon Dance up until you need to use rest, and start shuffling and doing damage with entry hazard and...