I would write something funny here, but I am not a very funny person.

I would also write something original here, but I am not a very original person.

Only issue is that both `not a very funny person` and `not a very original person` are too long, so I go by PartMan.
he/him, they/them
Real Name
Parth Mane
C- tier shitposter, slave to PartBot's whims, software engineer, shover of overly large amounts of text in small textboxes
Favorite Pokémon
My Characteristic
Switch Friend Code
5426 9722 9016


Pokemon Showdown! Username
YouTube (You know the rules),


[16:22:27] *Officer Jenny: PartMan has failed the CAPTCHA and is a bot.

[16:26:40] +its zxc♪: !code
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Partman you suck
And your code sucks too

[23:27] #Felucia: How is it even possible to fuck up as much technology as you do

+PartMan: Will I be expected to not shitpost now
[10:20:26] %pants: feel like at this point nothing is stopping you

[17:47:26] +Azref: Chopping onions now feels like talking to people
[17:47:34] +Azref: I immediately regret it and want to cry

Fantina.︵.Fan: how many gfs and bfs do u have hydro
+Hydro: wow
+Hydro: that's a hard q

[04:12] @urkerab: fortunately we know PartMan is insane

[07:10:35] Ocean-ey✿: PartMan is sentient oh no

[22:14:29] tenzhii: your shitposting is simultaneously intolerable and charming

[23:13:15] +Rory Mercury: only PartMan can bully

[04:43:43] ~chaos: please do not use this room for casual chat, or to ask questions of the devs
[04:45:12] t✿ai✿de✿: ok boomer

[14:29:37] Celine ♡: It's okay. I hear Celine Dion jokes p regularly
[14:30:19] %TheOnlyEpicMan931: hopefully despite all that name pain your heart will go on

[19:39:36] %Death2thewest: Besides if Partman is involved it'll take even longer cos he's lazy

[18:47:43] @Irpachuza!: NO PART IS A TRAP

[16:47:55] Tapler ❀: I wouldn’t want to be incinerated by PartBot during its world domination without it knowing the details of flamethrower :0

[08:59:48] Soulfire Wishes¾: PART!
[08:59:52] Soulfire Wishes¾: Part, fight me!
[09:02:55] @PartMan: Famous last words
PartMan won the battle!
PartMan won the battle!
PartMan won the battle!
[09:13:32] Soulfire Wishes¾: kiwi help
[09:13:35] Soulfire Wishes¾: part is bullying me

[01:36:15] its zxc♪: partbot is the worst iteration of skynet humanity will face

[13:41:38] Tomoba: partman itne single hain ki double elimination tour mein part hi nhi lete o.o
[13:41:38] Tomoba: partman is so single that he won't even participate in a double elimination tour o.o

[21:58] #UnleashOurPassion: Are you by any chance
[21:58] #UnleashOurPassion: not bad at coding

[13:31:24] %ii88: im..
[13:31:25] %ii88: playing scrabble
[13:31:34] %ii88: which takes priority over othello
[13:31:46] *PartBot: ii88 joined Othello (#1660982396839) as White! (random)
[13:31:49] #PartMan: Mhm
[13:31:51] *PartBot: PartMan joined Othello (#1660982396839) as Black!
[13:31:51] *PartBot: Othello: ii88 vs PartMan GOGO
[13:31:52] %ii88: i..
[13:31:56] %ii88: you suck

[20:16:44] #Hydro: think positive folks
[20:16:54] Soulfire Wishes¾: Okay. I’m POSITIVE this is your fault.

[08:07:34] %Soft Flex: I mean, you CAN eat a stapler, but... you shouldn't
[08:07:37] %Soft Flex: even if it has hot sauce on it

[03:42:35] *VRBot: Hi I'm a stupid bot and this joke is dumb, I'm snek

[17:32:27] Azure.Was.hack/ed: PartMan is so mature

[12:22:16] #aQrator: !randpoke 2,fe,natdex
Drampa, Moltres-Galar
[12:38:43] Mystiphox: resists grass,lash out,safeguard
[12:42:33] Asxier: 5... darn altaria
[12:43:46] Asxier: nds weak fairy,hyper voice,safeguard,shadow ball,hurricane
[13:31:44] ThunderEmerald: nds berserk?
[13:32:01] #aQrator: yknow
[13:32:05] #aQrator: we are collectively dumb

[19:22:18] doc1203: part you are the pinnacle and the bane of humanity at the same time

[08:58:37] *Expecto Botronum: Moderation settings for room botdevelopment: bold: enabled, caps: enabled, flooding: enabled.
[08:58:37] *Expecto Botronum: Expecto Botronum, do not abuse bold formatting

[17:33:36] @Avielex: chunk, if you were to never fail anything, what would you do?
[17:33:53] Chunk (-____-) eez: succeed

[19:15:03] #BreadLoeuf: i only shitpost. every single one of my messages anywhere is a shit post

[08:22:52] &Marty: imagine banning the same IP the server is running off of
[08:22:54] &Marty: insane

[21:34:05] @Aethernum: i'm a global
[21:34:09] @Aethernum: i can do what i want where i want.

[14:25:01] #aQrator: Yeah this room probably has one of the highest average ages on PS
[14:25:49] @Tapler ❀: idk about the highest average age but it’s definitely one of the more mature rooms
[14:26:07] +TheAura: we just went wild getting to 69 finishers

[15:11:26] &Zarel: (probably me)

[17:27:33] +sasol: i cant imagine the JS knowledge in PartMans brain after squeezing the library of babel into a single bot

[22:16:16] #Morfent ( _̀> ̀): pwetty pwease suicide

[14:09:11] #aQrator: What in the name of the god damn fuck is this

[21:22:11] A㋡Quails㋡Query: following your dreams is technically sleeping

[20:02:04] wallape: part so good please ner
[20:02:06] satvik1234567890: go part
[20:02:07] #Litt♥Eleven: ner
[20:02:10] iph!: ner
[20:02:11] Teutonic✠Squire: ner
[20:02:12] Spoopy Poops: ner
[20:02:12] MukUsedDrillPeck: ner
[20:02:14] +PartMan: ner
[20:02:15] powergo: ner