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    Videogame thread

    Last post im gonna write. I pretty much explained why i think my reasonings are good, but u just keep calling them trash without bringing proper arguments, or you either "dodge the bullet" like for the fireflies stuff (who even said they're bad guys lol and whats with the ellie part? I said that...
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    Videogame thread

    Still im gonna put a huge spoiler: Summing up: it's not just an opinion if it is supported by logics and facts, narrative is pretty bad, no matter what u think
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    Videogame thread

    I don't actually know if anyone is interested, but i'd like to share my thoughts about TLOU2 after the end of my second playthrough. Overall, i think it is a bad game, expecially if you compare that to the first chapter (which happens to be one of my favs). Positive aspects: Graphics and...
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    Don't settle for less.

    Don't settle for less.
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Round 1

    GL NORTHEAST :heart::heart::swole:
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    SS OU Suspect Process - Round 4, Voting

    Dracovish: Ban
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    SS OU RMT- OU HO Team

    Hi, I'm going to suggest a few changes on your team: First of all, I think that Ferrothorn isn't a pokemon made to be in Hyper Offence. People usually use suicide setters like sash terrakion,sash excadrill, shuckle, accelgor and many others. Thats because ferrothorn drains momentum in a fast...
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    Announcement SS OU Suspect Process, Round 4 - Voter Identification Thread

    OUTZ Dr.Aw GMars edit: confirmed
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    Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 2-A

    I Would ask for an extension if possible
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    I cant start a bo3 now... Can we ask for an extension?

    I cant start a bo3 now... Can we ask for an extension?
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    Nope i think we still have time

    Nope i think we still have time