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March 19


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My biggest hater
%OM: because I wanted your life to be worse pq. I want everything you do to cause you misery. I want you to wake up everyday knowing that SSB is a real theme that existed that you played and that got canonized because of the event *you* helped create. I want every step you make to be in a puddle, one who's reflection only shows you the entirety of the SSB list. I want you to lose focus at your computer and when you shake yourself back into gear, the SSB theme page is up. I want you to trip over a rock because you were cursing SSB. I want you to know the pain you inflicted upon me with your driver promotion idea. I want you to know the pain SSB will inflict upon you. I want you to think about SSB every time you get into an argument during policy, about how it was the root cause of all of this.