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    NFE NFE Old Gens Hub

    hi hello bw vr post incoming ====================================================================================== Rises :natu: A- -> A this one is extremely self explanatory and idk why this mon isnt higher. it prevents rocks vs any rocker not named pawn, has amazing recovery in roost...
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    [IMG] is okay lol

    is okay lol
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    [IMG] hi mr pif :P

    hi mr pif :P
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    Project PU Player of the Week - Specs

    1. fav barba atun quote? (mine personally is [19:57] rav3ndanfromjungle: There are som hungarian people in my house [19:57] rav3ndanfromjungle: i think they talk bad of doduo ) 2. when are you making your own podcast and beating untier talk in views 3. list ur top 10 kanye songs not named...
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    Multi-gen NFEPL IV - Week 4

    fuck it ph predicts 4 :roselia: The Ravenous Roselias (5) vs. (3) Morgrem Freemans :morgrem: SS NFE: Calucha vs xavgb - :xavgb: SS NFE: Nalei vs Skysolo - nalei's actually been solid in ss and iirc skysolo hasnt done much in ss so far so i cant judge him SS NFE: Dragonillis vs MAMP - the champ...
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    Put the petal to the medal!

    Put the petal to the medal!
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    Multi-gen NFEPL IV - Week 3

    fuck it ph predicts 3 :thwackey: Wacky Thwackeys (4) vs. The Burning Heart Brionne (4) :brionne: SS NFE: uhuhuhu7 vs. SOMALIA: uhu's been pretty solid in pl so far meanwhile somalia hasnt had a great showing SS NFE: martha vs. SaDiSTiCNarwhal: better player p much SS NFE: OranBerryBlissey10 vs...
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    Poop Haha

    Poop Haha
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    NFE NFE Metagame Discussion

    The Rat should be qbed imo, kad isn't nearly as bad as the Rat, since it has counterplay it can't outright beat and does require more manouvring to put in a dominant position. QB Rat Reason 1: The tier has no viable Volt immunity that can consistently check the Rat The Rat can spam Volt with...
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    small leave me alone

    small leave me alone
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    Multi-gen NFEPL IV - Week 2

    fuck it ph predicts 2 :morgrem: Morgrem Freemans (5) vs. (3) Cursed Corsolas :corsola-galar: SS NFE: xavgb vs. Kaif - :xavgb: imo is just the better player here SS NFE: MAMP vs. DonnotheFirst - this ones pretty self explanitory, no disrespect to donno mamp's just insane lol SS NFE: Rav3ndan...
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    it does not stand for pubic hair believe it or not

    it does not stand for pubic hair believe it or not
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    Poop Haha

    Poop Haha