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    CAP 26 - Prevo Poll

    None One Two
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    CAP 26 - Art Poll 3

    Yilx StephXPM Pipotchi
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    CAP 26 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 1

    Levitate Water Absorb Regenerator Bulletproof All of these abilities would be good, in my opinion, but I think Bulletproof is just a bit too specialized and may become less relevant as the metagame develops. To be honest, I'm a bit split on Water Absorb and Regenerator for second place--both...
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    CaP 25 G Prevo - Art Poll 2

    paintseagull Quanyails HONK
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    CaP 25 W Prevo - Art Poll 1

    StephXPM Sunfished paintseagull
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    CaP 25 G Prevo - Art Poll 1

    paintseagull Quanyails Sunfished
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    CaP 25 F Prevo - Art Poll 1

    Kyrads Reiga TrevenArt
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    Resource SM RU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Does Barbaracle tend to run Adamant or Jolly?