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    honestly, this isn't a "good" team by any means but it feels really good to win with it https://pokepast.es/7b0dcb1e4425b710
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    greninja:I am the champion Cinderace: I'm about to end this mans whole career but also best cinderace set Cinderace @ Focus Sash...
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    I agree with everythng else I agree with but what about the serene grace flinches they'll die eventually while zapdos will die earlier
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    Its my first team so its gonna be bad.
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    Mostly offensive Monoflying team I am used to mostly copying other people's teams and edit them to create my own but this time I took...
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    you would think shuckle would benefit from this but 5 / 230 / 10 / 230 / 20 but now the poor guy can't even get a single attack of...