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    CAP 29 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    1) How can we define a "generally harmful ability"? What are some metrics to define it? Are comparisons with neutral abilities helpful? I'm mostly pulling from this list but there are more as well. I think all of...
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    CAP 29 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    2spoopy4u quziel -Voltage-
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    CAP 29 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    2spoopy4u Darek85 quziel Tommaniacal Rabia -Voltage- chuckeroo777
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    CAP 29 - Concept Chat

    heres my mild takes Defective Ability is pretty interesting, this is a quintessential CAP concept bc its taking something underused and trying to make it good. Its not at the top of my list but I dont have anything bad to say about it. (assuming skill swap is going to be fully off the table...)...
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    CAP 29 - Concept Chat

    Not sure this is framed for the question but here's some of the concepts I like: Cheapskate: i like this for the same reasons it got submitted last time. its an interesting thought experiment and forces cap to go against its usual movepool desires. we are looking at multi-purpose moves and in a...
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    CAP 29 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    Name: Double Edged Armory Description- A CAP Process in which every stage contains a different double edged sword- a large benefit and flaw. Justification- This is an Actualization concept, encouraging CAP to go against the grain for almost all of its usual preferences. The double-edged sword...
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    CAP 29 Topic Leadership Team Poll

    2spoopy4u MrDollSteak Tadasuke G-Luke Rabia quziel SHSP -Voltage- dex18 no hard feelings on dex, hope to see you apply again in the future. the middle 3 were very hard to pick from for 4th position..
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    CAP 29 - Topic Leader Poll

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    Pet Mod Mega Revolution [Glalie, Abomasnow and Audino Submission Slate]

    Okay, here's my very suspicious takes and my first attempt at a sub. I skimmed the rest but sorry if I used an existing name or have a similar sub to someone else. :ss/slowbro-mega: Mega being Revolved: Mega Slowbro New Pokémon Name: Slowbozo (Slow + Bozo) Stats: 95/75/100/90/100/30 (490 BST)...
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    CAP 9 Prevo - Art Submissions

    WIP hes based off a hooded seal! they blow out the inside of their noses to create this giant red ball. i wanted to go for a seal because its the only mammal that matches colossoils weird aquatic body with arms. and they also dig/poke out of holes in ice. feedback welcome edit: you can...
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    Metagame Workshop

    Here is my latest idea. It opens up some rly interesting mons. :ss/poipole: :ss/seadra: Latent Power :ss/dusclops: :ss/tangela: Premise: Its a metagame where the mons with the most potential are the strongest, no matter how their evolutions turned out! Pokemon get the following buffs: +0.5x...
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    CAP Updates: Isle of Armor Tutors Poll

    Do Not Include Burning Jealousy for Volkraken Include Coaching for Jumbao Do Not Include Corrosive Gas for Plasmanta Do Not Include Corrosive Gas for Smokomodo Do Not Include Dual Wingbeat for Naviathan Include Dual Wingbeat for Snaelstrom Do Not Include Dual Wingbeat for Syclant Include...
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    CAP 9 - Prevo # Discussion

    Colossoil doesnt really have many design elements that make me think it would have more than one prevo. There are exceptions to this like Gengar but overall it fits the group with One or None to me.
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    thanks! and u too :Smogjynx:

    thanks! and u too :Smogjynx: