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    The Gen 4-Style Gen 5 and Beyond Backsprite Resource

    Would Rolycoly and its evolutions get back sprites of their own?
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    The Gen 4-Style Gen 5 and Beyond Backsprite Resource

    Can the Rolycoly line get back sprites too?
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     Smeargle Commissions

    Anyone here skilled at making DS-style sprites? It is for a game I'm working on.
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    Sticky X/Y Sprite Project

    Has Sylveon got a sprite animation yet?
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    Looking for spriters

    Hi. I’m working on a fangame called Pokemon Cascades which will feature Fakemon. I’m in need of spriters for both Fakemon and trainer OCs. I can discuss payment with you via DM.
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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Is there anyone that is good with making DS-style sprites? I'm working on a fangame and development has been really slow due to lack of manpower.
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    Sticky X/Y Sprite Project

    Hello. I want to use some of the animated sprites for my fangame. I'll give credit to you guys of course. How can I get the sprites sheets for their animations like this one?
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    Sticky X/Y Sprite Project

    How’s the animation progress?
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    Sticky Sun/Moon Sprite Project

    How’s progress so far?
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    Asking for permission

    Hey guys, is it alright I can use the DS-styled Gen 6-8 Pokemon sprites for my fangame?