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  1. Artificial Intelligence

    This is for technical or philosophical discussion about what I think is one of the more important topics in our lifetime. That's saying a lot coming from me because I know this field is riddled with people who overhype or even fear monger about it. It is second only to cryptocurrency as the most...
  2. Serious American Politics

    I have contributed to this 'who is the best authoritarian state' discourse, and I wish I hadn't, because that's not the point I wanted to make and it's way out of scope for this thread. I'd rather not be 'ruled' by any superpower, all superpowers are evil and oppressive to me and I don't live...
  3. who would win in a fight- 1 billion lions or 1 of every pokemon (roughly 900)?

    wildlife conservationists are so fucking mad that an entire species just got succed into a black hole covered in rags
  4. Serious American Politics

    Anyway, here are my predictions for 2024: After the senate is lost for the first 2 years because democrats all went back to brunch, Biden has nominated at best 1 more SC justice and the pressure is on dems to win 2022. They will clutch it ever so slightly because last elections had states like...
  5. Serious American Politics

    Hot take about the upcoming senate runoff elections: This is more important than the presidential election and it's unlikely to be a W for the democrats. All my favourite youtubers made videos and tweets about why it's so important that you vote in the general election. Are they going to waste...
  6. Serious Online dating

    Women put in at least an hours worth of effort every single day to look good, be it through makeup, cleaning their hair, or dressing well. Contrast this with the fact that you wear fucking cargo shorts and a super mario t-shirt, probably don't even have a skin-care routine, and don't bother to...
  7. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    You almost get it, i'm going to help you take it a step further though: The anti-biden left is nonexistent. They don't exist outside of the online world at all and even then they are a fringe minority. So, why are all these liberals so uppity about precious votes being taken away by leftist SJ...
  8. Serious LGBTQ+

    ah yes the famously anti-political topic, LGBTQ
  9. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    You're so afraid of trump you miss the forest for the trees. Trump has not started any wars in his term. Biden and Obama have. This is the only point being made and literally no one in america is sitting on the fence between trump and biden so stop worrying so much that you might lose voters to...
  10. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    For starters the left has pointed out Biden's flaws for years. If, like you say, he has sO mAnY fLaWs, and yet you are still defending him, do you not get the picture? Pointing out obvious flaws doesn't work. It comes to the point where not even sexual harassment (not rape, but just harassment...
  11. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    thank god MikeDawg got banned before this
  12. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    i didn't realise there was a difference outside of pokemon
  13. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    If you're so convinced Bernie is a terrible politician who is losing support, why do you care so much that he isn't dropping out? You just come across as a bit of a desperate weirdo when you suggest he's purposely taking advantage of a pandemic when he himself is incredibly old and could die at...
  14. OMPL VIII - Commencement Thread

    posters in this thread watching their free likes come in
  15. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    The true politics understander has entered the chat