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    Usage-Based Tier Update for April 2018

    The BL bottleneck scenario would still happen even if the BL mon rises to the higher tier; even though the 'BL to OU' Pokemon in question won't show up in '/ds UUBL', it's still part of UUBL and has to be recorded, should the mon ever fall in usage again. One of the obstacles about restricting...
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    Quality Control Spiritomb 2/3 written

    Disjunction you gonna implement QC or naw? In addition to what Eternally said, remove mentions of Virizion and add Diancie in C&C as well.
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    GSC In-Game Tier List

    While Spearow doesn'tlearn Headbutt, it does get access to the Swift TM in Union Cave, which should serve as perfectly serviceable STAB until Return catches up in power. Spearow (and Kenya's) biggest advantage over the other Return users is how quickly it can amass levels and thus Return power...
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    Rock-types could use a C&C mention as well, especially for Vivillon variants lacking Energy Ball. QC 1/3
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    Crabominable [QC 0/3]

    Atm, your Overview about Crabominable's stats either tells us little or doesn't place enough emphasis on them. For example, all 3 of these points can be condensed into a single point: "Crabominable's high Attack stat, amazing STAB combination, and perfect neutral coverage with Iron Fist-boosted...
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    Resource RU Viability Rankings - V2

    I suppose Donphan has enough offensive presence to provide the Stealth Rock + Rapid Spin role better than Forretress can (cough*notsayingmuch*cough*, that's like saying Donphan is a better SR + Spin user than Sandslash), but I don't think this niche is hardly significant enough for the majority...
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    NP: NU Stage 7 - Back in Black

    Of course, Sneasel is not outlasting Vaporeon in a direct sense, but the fact that Sneasel switch-ins all have rather similiar exploitative flaws makes them quite easy to take advantage of multiple of them in a single teamslot. For instance, the likes of Hariyama and Incineroar can't even safely...
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    NP: NU Stage 7 - Back in Black

    There's no denying that Sneasel checks do exist in the tier, but Sneasel's access to Pursuit means we must first look at the amount of Pokemon that Sneasel threatens before we assess the number of switch-ins it has, because the latter may well prove irrelevant if Sneasel is able to trap enough...
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    NU Palossand [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    As I've said before, watch if you're repeating threats in the C&C section. I also did some quick editing in the C&C section after my initial post (before you replied), so you want to implement those changes as well.
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    NU Palossand [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Emphasize Palossand's passiveness in the Overview; even with base 100 Special Attack, Palossand's moves don't do enough damage to deter the majority of powerful attackers that wish to switch in on it, and it has a remarkably difficult time OHKOing anything, which is a significant...
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    Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Not gonna lie, I didn't even know Magnemite was placed that low. I talked about how Electrike's important matchups pre-Surf aren't all that great, and that it may be better to just scoop up Electrike/Manectric at the period where it can actually start putting in work without it having to be...
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    Quality Control Gallade (QC: 1/3)

    Sorry about the wait myself Eternally (and Disjunction), QC 1/3
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    Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    the Magnezone mission is ABSOLUTE HELL, so if you managed to beat that yourself, you should be able to breeze thru the next mission or so. Whatever Ground-type you used against Magnezone should work against Electivire. The Electivire mission itself also provides reasonable grinding experience...
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    Resource RU Viability Rankings - V2

    phantom btw, the reasoning didn't specify why Drapion rose. Is it because it is a boosting Dark-type that doesn't get outsped & smacked by Cress's Moonblast? Or might it even have to do with Pursuit? Mismagius from B to B+ I support this nomination; Mismagius has had more breathing room with...
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    USUM NU Viability Rankings

    I want to point out that Sheer Force Body Slam + Iron Tail is compatible ever since USUM tutors so this argument is moot. That said, considering Iron Tail's less than 0.2% chance to 2HKO Rhydon, the only real reason to bother with Steel coverage is for Mega Audino, and Iron Head already 2HKOes...