heloo am not animeme character plz ok

am gremeemr soper spellyingspellying

am gud at spel

bettar ten z00t
Diamond City
Real Name
Not an Animeme Character
Favorite Pokémon
My Characteristic
Often lost in thought


bxs200: you ever have those days where you basically miss anything
The opposing OG used Sleep Powder!
Dwebble avoided the attack!

%Painter Espeon: wait did iap happen to something

%Illusio: Scavengers is having an official hunt right now! Come and join them! «survivor»

#Swirlyder: .unblock
#Swirlyder: Alright new jokes added
@PrivatePenQuin: .joke
@Sir Vivor: PrivatePenGuin

keeping it icy: pm me if ur hard

Ast♥entia'◡': hello i am badly
hello i am badly: hello
%Latios n.n: hey look Ast♥entiaspoke the truth for once

doctor gucci: @host adds you to a hostlist
@Lynch-E: adds you to a hostlist, you've been given permission to host by doctor gucci.
doctor gucci: fucjk
doctor gucci: @dehost adds you to a hostlist
@Lynch-E: adds you to a hostlist has finished hosting.

+PyoroLoli: Does that mean if I say "PrivatePenQuin", I'll get muted for joke spam?
+PyoroLoli flee
PyoroLoli was muted by PrivatePenQuin for 7 minutes.

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