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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Unfortunately no, that's not a supported method for alerts.
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    Proposal Lock the OU-Ladder at the end of an OLT cycle and let ongoing games finish.

    To be clear, a server-wide lock of the OU ladder (or any ladder that runs a ladder tour if we'd apply this uniformly to all circuit ladder tours as well) will not happen. That's an unacceptable level of disruption that nobody is going to okay as a policy. Both PS admins and I have already agreed...
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    Tournament NUPL X Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize) [SIGNUPS CLOSE MAY 6]

    Player Name: QQ Tiers Played: ORAS / BW Timezone: GMT+1 Availability: None whatsoever
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    WCop National vs. Continental Teams & Qualifying

    I don't think the current format of WCoP support adding the number of teams that are showing up each year. Doesn't matter if we're doing 20 or 24 teams, we end up in the same situation with loads of qualifying teams regardless. Not that I don't want those new teams; they aren't the problem...
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    Season 33 (Week 5 [SM OU #1]) Won by Niko

    Post ''in'' to participate.Be aware that you can only join two tours this week! - This tournament will be held on the official Smogon Tournament server at - Send a PM to "Quite Quiet" on SmogTours when you win your match. Do **NOT** PM the host if you lost. - **I...
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    Season 33 (Week 4 [SS OU #2]) - Won by Finchinator

    sponsored by omari p
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    Smogon Staff and Promotions

    Heroic Troller is now a Tournament Director
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    Proposal please ban alts in team tours

    Some more practical questions I'm curious for in the meantime: What is the punishment suggested here? infraction/game doesn't count/forfeit the game or set/tourban? Would this apply to all official tour games, only playoffs, team tours, circuits, all of the previous, some other combination? Not...
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    Smog Awards 2021: Nomination Round! (form back up)

    For signatures user if it's still the same, otherwise what it was. For name changes previous -> new is ideal, but just username is fine too if they didn't change since. We try to interpret things as best as we can if something is unclear, but the clearer you are the less likely we are to...
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    Smogon Happenings -- post here for publicity (YES, YOU)

    smog awards nominations scheduled - Isaiah
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    Smog Awards 2021: Nomination Round! (form back up)

    It's that time of the year again—nominations for the Smog awards are now open! Smog Awards: Nomination Round In order to submit your nominations: - Click the link above. - Enter the username(s) of whoever you wish to nominate in the appropriate field. - You can nominate up to five users per...
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    SPL XIII - Commencement Thread

    I wasn't even involved in this decision and only saw it after it had been posted. I can't act on things I'm not aware of them happening. The hosts made a decision that were following the rules and since forum bans aren't grounds for the sellback the only thing that applies is the activity rules...
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    SPL XIII - Commencement Thread

    The problem here is that the activity rules as they are now doesn't distinguish between a general activity sellback and somebody getting forum banned. The rules do say that players sold back for activity will be barred from next SPL. By how they are currently, they should be applied the same...
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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Sometimes there's discussions in the Smogon discord about PR topics, but there's no outright stated place for them. There are a few bad apples that repeatedly spam doxxing-related links in every server they can access, which has been an ongoing problem for several years. Plus more recent...