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    Worst book you had to read in school

    Australian school book choices bloody suck major ass big time. There was: a coming of age poetry book, ”by the river” it was called, This shit, critical acclaim my ass, I wanted to kill every character with my bare fucking hands, This for gods sake amongst others I have since deleted from my...
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    Shower Thoughts Thread

    snails are land shellfish
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    Favorite Video Game soundtracks?

    obligatory touhou
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    Prompts 4 Fakemon

    giz us a water-dark leopard seal or grass-steel mega mawile with a venus flytrap for mouth
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    Your weird and wacky dreams

    idk man this is some freudian shit
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    Anime Club - Cycle 1, Discussion Phase: Gosick and Ghost in the Shell+GITS 2: Innocence

    Title: You're Under Arrest (Taiho Shichau zo) Category: OVA (4 episodes) MyAnimeList Link: Legal Sources: dunno I've shilled this one over and over and imma do it again. Very, very nice cel animation, as much character development as one can...
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    Album-Listening Club (Listening to Homogenic and SAWAYAMA; Now nominating)

    time to shill I Nominate Imaginations From The Other Side by Blind Guardian (1995) Absolutely mad album. Also kind of an acquired taste if you don't like power metal, but to me this is a 10/10. Riffs are a crushing thrash-power mix, solos the beautiful, melodic neoclassical sort, and vocals imo...
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    explain what your avatar is

    oldfag reaction image
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    I hate primates

    Yknow I feel with internet on this one, fucking monkeys man. It’s horrifying. You ever see a hairless chimp? It’s like a human, but it‘s like terrible things have been done to it, hideously deforming him. Smash his face in. Make his skull bulge unnaturally. Mentally handicap him. Boom, you got a...
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    Your weird and wacky dreams

    I rock up to class and everyone is 10cm taller than me. The conversations (abridged) go something like this: "damn bro wtf" "idk" I wake up.
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    itt: pretend to be american

    taxation is theft, and that's why i live in texas
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    Yeah but it doesnt wrap around right

    Yeah but it doesnt wrap around right
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    every post is the exact same joke Let our presence be known

    it dont fit, help
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    an anthropological study

    As per the definition in this thread, that counts as a fist. Good job, king