Yo! Thanks for checking out my about page, you may be interested in who exactly i am and what exactly i do, so here's the place to get the scoop!

My name is Rae and I'm 18, an upside downer and a TF2, FNF and Pokemon fanatic (i play tons of other games too!)

What tiers do I play?

I mainly play Underused, and host a project over there (with plenty more to come, trust me :p ) but as of late i've been dabbling a lot with Overused and LGPE, as well as Old Gens like DPP, BW and USUM though i'm normally up for anything!

A bit more about me!

aha, figured you'd be down here. Lucky for you, i like to write a lot! My favourite colours are teal and orange, though purple is also super cool. For hobbies, i play a lot of sport, DnD, video games (like everyone else on this website) and like to write and draw every now and again! I don't know how to put it but i'm like, the one guy who wears a hoodie, a beanie and trackie pants all at the same time. Just a chill dude trying to help out and contribute best i can o7

What do you do?

I post a bunch in most UU threads, including the project i host! I also post occasionally in the OU forums and lurk the LGPE thread. In terms of competitive, my biggest facet is my building ability, though I can definitely hold my own on the battlefield! I'm still learning, so any tips/pointers are very much appreciated!

That's about as much as i'll say for now, thank you for reading and don't be scared to hmu!
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